A Celebration of Bernese Mountain Dogs the world over...

Berner-L Homepage Photos, Collection 2009

Compiled by Pat Long and Jaime Meyers

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From the Yukon to the Deep South...from Germany to Australia...Berners around the globe come together in this volume of over 390 photographs, as seen on the Berner-L homepage in 2009. Aptly captioned by Pat Long, and complimented with lovingly written anecdotes by the owners, this photo collection celebrates Bernese Mountain Dogs from a truly individual perspective.

With laughter, tears, joy and triumph, these dogs share a window into their unique lives, one photo, one memory at a time.

393 pages, full color
8.5 x 5.5 inches

Since we are nearing the launch of the new 2010 Berner-l Home Page Photo Book will be published in early 2011, we decided to have a Berner Book Sale with the remaining copies of the 2009 Berner-l Home Page Photo Book, which sold for $35. I have a few left and they will be sold for the bargain price of $23

If you also order a copy of the new 2010 book then a very special discount of the price as $20

Mail your checks/cheques to

Joye M. Neff
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PA 15243-1881.

Profits from the sale of the 2009 Berner-l Home Page Photo Book go to support BEHAF (Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund)


If you are sending foreign funds, please send an e-mail to Joye Neff

She can calculate the amount you need to send for the book.
Make your cheques payable to: Joye M. Neff
Her bank does not charge a fee to convert from foreign funds to US dollars

<click here>
to see a preview of some of the beautiful photos and pages in this book.

The 2009 Berner-l Home Page Photo Book was a huge success and through the sale of the book, $2000 was donated to the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund (BEHAF).

For the 2010 Berner-l Home Page Photos Collection


Some of you may be seeing this page from links through Facebook and other Berner related websites and friends and are wondering just what this is all about! The Berner-l is a yahoo group of almost 3000 Berners owners worldwide, this book is a collection of some of the wonderful photos that were featured on the group's home page last year.

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