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BMDCA National Specialty 2006
"Berner-Garde Auction"
BMDCA Specialty

The BMDCA & Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Welcome you to Frankenmuth Michigan for the BMDCA National Specialty.
May 1-6, 2006

Everything is pointing to the fact that we will have a terrific
2006 Berner-Garde Auction!
The proceeds will go towards the establishment of a DNA and Tissue Repository. This Repository is in the process of being established. Michigan State Veterinary School and Hospital are the most likely candidate to be contracted to serve as the host for the repository. While other DNA banks exist, once again the Berner community will be in the forefront with an integrated approach to diagnosis, tissue banking and research. We expect to have an announcement prior to the 2006 Specialty.

This year the Auction will be held on the Thursday evening, May 4th, at 8PM.

If you'd like to contribute to the success of this fundraiser in the future by donating an item or cash, contact
Lori Jodar
Diane Welch

Results of this Auction

We had a grand total of $16,220 for the auction,

This is a photo from Karen Connors, and a good time was had by all!

Pat in Super Vanna Mode!

Vanna with |results


These wonderful donations from our generous contributors.


Michael Painting

"Ruthie and the Forget Me Nots"

by Michael Jurogue Johnson
Michael's Homepage

Commissioned by Pat Long

"The photo of this painting is just Michael’s practice copy. He hasn’t finished the painting that I’ll be donating.
Cool, huhh! Pat"


 Ultimate Puppy Toolkit Donated by Val Taylor Wood and Phil Harfoot

3 x Ultimate Puppy Toolkits

 Berner head Plaque, a bone China Berner plate made in Wales
Donated by Val Taylor Wood and Phil Harfoot

2 Berner statues
4.1/2" x 3.1/2" + 2.1/2" x 3"

Berner head Plaque mounted on wood
5" x almost 4"

Bone China Berner plate made in Wales  

Berner Items XMas Painting/Bernese Coffee Mug/Trivet/Enamel Pin and Dog Bone

Donated by Sharon Greenberg

Luna's Rug

Custom 3X4 Berner Rug designed from your original photo

Donated by Sharon Greenberg
(Example is: Luna's Rug)

Portrait of Eric Deeter Portrait by Eric Deeter

Donated by Eric Deeter,
Custom portrait for the highest bidder!
(Example is: Diane Welch's boy Big Mac)

BMD Raku plaque 2 RAKU Plaques

1 of Breeze and 1 Custom done to order.

Donated by Nancy and Tom Giusti

Bernese Lithograph

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Limited Edition Lithograph by Stephen Kline

Donated by Lynn Whiteley

**This lithograph has now been framed by Jill Shaeffer

<see below>

Gale Werth Carving Front View
front view

Gale Werth Carving - side view
side view
Gale Werth Carving

"High Jump"

Donated by Gale Werth

Beer Stein detail
Beer Stein detail of the quilt

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2006 Specialty Quilt

Donated by the Quilting Ladies of the "Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club"

The INWBMDC quilters made their first group quilt for the 2004 Specialty in Mesquite, TX. Our quilter's group is comprised of INWBMDC members from Idaho, Montana and Utah. We were so pleased with how well that quilt did in the auction that we decided to make it an annual offering. In continuing our tradition, the 2006 quilt reflects the theme of the Specialty. The log cabin pattern represents the Great Lakes, and the beer steins echo the Bavarian style of Frankenmuth. The backing for the quilt reminds one of sunlight reflected on the water. Of course the most important element, Berners, are found at the center of each log cabin square.

Lead and Bracelet

Kangaroo leather, Braided and Beaded Show Lead with a matching bracelet.

Donated by Dana and Sue Sanvido .

Jade lead

Kangaroo leather, Braided and Beaded Show Lead with a matching necklace.

Donated by Dana and Sue Sanvido

Joe Daltron Litho Joe Dalton numbered B & W lithograph, custom framing

Donated by Lori Jodar

All Puffed Up print by Darlen Wilson All Puffed Up, signed and numbered print by Darlene Wilson

Donated by Mary Maliarik

Stuffed Berner
front view

Stuffed Berner
side view
Life Sized French Made stuffed Berner,

Donated by By Jove/Eve Lapolla and Joan Avon

Swiss Maid Outfit Custom Hand Made Swiss Maid Outfit, size X-Large

Donated by Sylvia Howison

Danbury Mint Plates by famous Wildlife and Animal Artist Edward Aldrich 2 Danbury Mint Plates by famous Wildlife and Animal Artist Edward Aldrich

Donated by Sharon and Mark Johnson

Limited Edition Plate designed by Mary Garbe for the 1990 Specialty in Wisconsin Limited Edition Plate designed by Mary Garbe for the 1990 Specialty in Wisconsin

Donated by Roger and Elizabeth Pearson

Bernd Guenter's Book, The Bernese Mountain Dog Coffee table size copy of Bernd Guenter's beautiful book
"The Bernese Mountain Dog" - a Dog of Destiny

Donated by the author

A Dog of Destiny by Bernd Guenter

Berner Stepping Stone Berner Stepping Stone

Donated by Coral and David Denis

Repousse Box Repousse Box

Created by and donated by Laura Lopez-Mendez

 Painting by Genevieve Snyder "Winter Alpine Scene" Oil Painting by Genevieve Snyder, "Winter Alpine Scene",
from a photograph by Doris Braun.

Donated by Genevieve Snyder

Case of Wine, Mans Best Friend
Case of Wine “Man’s Best Friend”

Donated by Anne Summers

Taylor Made & Berner Blessed Quilt, Taylor Made & Berner Blessed Quilt,
Quilted Flying Geese Berner Bed Cover, Berner not included!

Made and donated by Kay Taylor

Berner photo framed by Jill Shaeffer Original Photo

Donated by Beth Schmoyer

**This item has been framed by Jill Shaeffer

<see below>

Original photo framed by Jill Shaeffer Original Photo

Donated by Beth Schmoyer

**This item has been framed by Jill Shaeffer

<see below>

Berner on Feather by Nicky Nickerson
<click to see enlarged pic>
Berner Painted on a Feather

Nicky Nickerson grew up with dogs, horses, and art. A former professional groomer, Nicky turned her hand full time to her artistic pursuits about ten years ago. At "Egg Centrix," her studio, she has earned quite a following in the Northeast, producing intricately carved egg shells and painted feathers, usually depicting a nature scene or an animal portrait.

Donated by Judy and Jon Cons, Southwind BMD

Berner Cart Cart

"The cart is all oak. The removable sides are oak stained in natural teak before finishing to give the contrasting look. You see a lot of carts that have the painted removable sides (usually red) that provide a contrast. I did this using stained oak to provide a classier look than red paint. The three coats of marine grade finish is very smooth. Gary "

Donated by Gary Galunas

Berner Bench 
Berner Bench Front View

{short description of image}
Berner Bench Side View

Clock pic promised for tomorrow!
Berner Bench and Clock

Donated by Cindy and Fred Stauch

 And more pics. to come of these donations: Case of Wine “Chateau DeBernese”

Donated by Frank (Mary) Maliarik

Famous Raffle Basket

Donated by Valerie Keller

Stained Glass 22x20

Donated by Linda Carney in memory of Quinn,
(M&M Mountain Dogs) & Cody (Lin Cars)

**These items have been custom framed by Jill Shaeffer,
someone that not only has many years experience in framing,
but has a wonderful eye for a beautiful means of enhancing the

Please note that the items on this page are only a selection of the
many wonderful donations.

Each item that Jill frames will be so noted on the description placed
next to the items on display at the auction, so do look for her work
and tell her thank you! She donated all of her framing work to this
Berner-Garde Auction fundraising!
Fun Pics from last year's Specialty


Here Pat Long does her Vanna at last year's auction
to help show off the many items up for auction!

Pat RingSide

Pat as we usually see her!:-)

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