For the very special items for Rescue Tobin's Fundraiser and to read his story,
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Fundraiser for Berner, Tobin,
A Very Special Berner!
Tobin Fundraiser
Fundraiser for Rescue Berner, Tobin,

Dates July 15th through August 21st 2007
Prices: Tickets are $5 each..
or 6 for $20...
or 20 for $50

Payable to???????????
Details to come.......

This is a very quick fundraiser for BEHAF, which has helped many people in need. They have a fund for regional rescue, which has come to the aid of a very special couple who took in a dog that was given up by his original family. Within weeks of placement, he was in intensive care to help get his seizures under control. And now they’ve been told that he has cataracts, and will go blind without surgery. His family are people with big hearts, but a bank account much like the rest of us. Since the boy was not currently in rescue, he didn’t qualify for rescue funds. And if he had been in rescue, it’s doubtful that rescue would have had the resources to help even so.

We are putting up these items to help the family with some of the unexpected expenses that they experienced with their generosity in opening their hearts and homes to a Berner in need. Some of the money will go to replacing what BEHAF donated, and any extra will also go to BEHAF to help with the next regional club rescue in need. Anya Wittenborg, the rescue chair of Nashoba Valley (whose heart is often bigger than her brains) also donated her private money to help with this boy, and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to pay her back for that generosity as well. She donates quite enough to regional rescue that we don’t need to see her run up her own private credit card as well!

We’re trying to limit the items to a manageable four, and we’ve tried to make them just as tempting as possible. So for those of you who can help in this unusual situation, we do appreciate it. We don’t plan to make a habit of it, we all adopt Berners knowing that we may have some extraordinary expenses. But none of us could have anticipated that a placement like this would rack up so many thousands of dollars so soon after placement.

Tobin is big boy whose family gave him up because, with two toddlers, they couldn't deal with the added stress of a dog who had seizures. He was placed about a year and a half ago with Cindy and Charlie who live in New Hampshire. Within a month, Cindy found herself driving through a blizzard to get Tobin to Angell Memorial, the big teaching veterinary hospital in Boston. Tobin was in intensive care for about a the tune of over $4,000.

Since that time, Cindy has educated herself extensively as to Tobin's health issues, monitored his health, dealt with his seizures and treasured every day with him. Recently, however, he was diagnosed with cataracts and she was told he would soon be completely blind without surgery (with an estimated cost of $4,000).

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Tobin loves his Breyers but needs your help if he is to keep his sight!

A Blank Canvas

for Andrea to paint your pet
Item #1

This prize will be for a portrait of your dog,
by artist Andrea Tamkin.

Andrea trained at the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Massachusetts, and has had her work exhibited in a number of Boston and New York galleries. Her pet portraits are done in a setting that properly depicts your dog and really captures his or her personality!

Anya Wittenborg has had paintings done of both her Doberman and Swissie, and has enjoyed having those colorful additions to her home.

Donated jointly by the artist and a Friend of Rescue

A portrait of your dog
by Boston artist,.Andrea Tamkin:

Pic to come! Item #2

faux sheepskin vest with a large embroidered Berner head on the back.
Size large (women's 14)

<click here to enlarge>
Item #3

A pieced Berner quilt donated by Pat.Long

"This quilt was specially made for Pat Long by Dino Candelaria, and hand delivered at the 2004 National Specialty in Texas. Why? Because Pat donated her lap quilt that she had purchased at the Health Fund Auction in 1999 after tough bidding – the bidding that actually saw the creation of Vanna for the auctions!

This quilt is a watercolor style, and I’ll leave it to you to decide just what it depicts. It’s almost square, it measures about 58 inches across and about 55 inches high. It’s been brightening Pat’s living room for 3 years now, and it is going to be terribly missed. Pat started out photographing flowers back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s before she found out that her camera only worked with a dog in front of it. So this quilt with its cheerful flowers with no need of weeding has been just perfect for her! (Dino? I do believe Pat is going to need to commission a new piece!)"

Pic to come! Item #4

Alise Burbridge is kindly donating a Berner print.

Please give generously to help fund this Berner Boy's Medical Bills

*see above how to donate*


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