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Shopping at the
BMDCA National Specialty 2007

BMDCA Specialty

Shopping at the BMDCA National Specialty 2007
Louisville, Kentucky May 7th to May 12th 2007

I love being at the Specialty each year and seeing so many wonderful, sweet Berners. I also enjoy shopping at the vendor booths! I know that many people are not able to attend the specialty for a variety of reasons, and would love to attend also. I can't bring you the Berners, but I can bring you the...... SHOPPING!!!

In 1998, Pat Long did a Shopping at the Specialty feature after returning from the Specialty and I have done an annual Shopping at the Specialty report from 1999 to the present. Each day, I will be featuring one of the vendors who was at the specialty. I took photos and you can read about the great items that were available at the Specialty, and then see the items, too

. The items can be ordered from the vendors, so you don't have to miss out on the "hopping fun" from the Specialty.

Happy Shopping!!!

Joye Neff and Nicky (and Ben)
Berner-l Shopper
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 14, 2007 - Part 1

Regula Munz and Larry Smith
P. O. Box 252
VA 20180
Phone: (540) 822-9305
Fax: (540) 822-9306
Web Site:

escription of image}

This vendor has imported Swiss folklore leather products and other items. They have wonderful stuffed berners, too!! Here are some of the items which they had at the Specialty.

Swiss dog collars and leashes - Hand-crafted in the Appenzell region of Switzerland and decorated with brass cows and herdsmen. Collars are available in 2 widths and a variety of lengths and colors.
Matching leashes to go with your choice of collar size. - $50 to $70
Belts to match the collars (for dog owners) - $65 to $95
Stuffed Berners - $7.50 to $75
Berner Key Rings - $6
Red with Swiss Cross and Black with Brass Decorations - wallets, purses, fanny packs, back packs - $25 to $95
Swiss Bells and Glocks - $12 to $1,450
Traveling Bags - $28 to $34.50
Napkins Rings - $12 each

Be sure to visit their website to see the above items. You'll enjoy shopping with the vendors who were at the 2007 Specialty in Louisville.

Swiss Traditions donated a stuffed Berner to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

Doing the Shopping at the 2007 Specialty is such a great job! Don't you wish you could walk from vendor, looking at all of the wonderful items they are selling, photographing them, talking to the vendors and jotting down notes about the Berner items they have? Of course, buying some of the items is also part of the job description - after all someone has to "test" the Berner items!!!

Today's featured vendor is a Berner person and the artwork on her items is testimony that she intimately knows and loves Berners.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 15, 2007 - Part 2

Dee Craig
6830 McCabes Corner Road
Snow Hill,
MD 21863
Phone: (410) 632-4989
Web Site:

Dee has put together a line of affordable, functional and decorative items for the Berner lover. Most items, unless otherwise specified, are prints from the artist's original works that are decoupaged onto useable items. You may request Dee to do a portrait or a personalized handpainted item of your own Berner! You just have to check out the wonderful artwork Dee has done of Berners on her website:

Then be sure to go to the main page and see the items that are available using her artwork.

Here are some of her Berner items:

Ceramic tiles with original art (6x6) - $25 or (4.25x4.25) - $15
Large tile scene for backsplash with Berners and pups in snow with mountains - $225
Small Welcome Signs - $15
Painted mirrors - $40
Hand painted granite and marble pieces - $40 to $90
Cutting boards with original art - $25 to $35
Set of 4 coasters (4 inch square) $16
Address book, daily memo book, travel diary - $5 to $12
Solid wood clocks (12x12) $50 to $60
Note cards (set of 8) - $10
Small toy chest - $150
Jewelry chest - $75
Ring boxes - $9
Mouse pads - $12
Luggage Tags - $7

Dee has donated a lovely Berner and Puppy Tile for our 2007 Fall Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

I didn't have Nicky with me at the Specialty, but if he had been with me, he would have made a "beeline" directly to Christi's Canine Cafe every time we entered the building. This was a great place to shop for your furry friends who stayed behind at home!!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 16, 2007 - Part 3

Christi Me
405 Lindsley Road
TN 37090
Phone: (615) 444-3190
Web site:

Here are some of the items that Christi carries:
Pet Deli Rolled Food (Beef, liver, chicken, turkey, lamb) - 2 pound rolls - $6.75 and 4 pound rolls - $8.75
Pressure Boiled White Knuckles - $4.30 each or $47 per case (12)
Large Center Cut Bones - $4.10 each or $45 per case (12)
12 inch Bully Sticks - $4.25 each or $39 per case (10)

Christi also carries many other "all natural" dog bones and goodies, including homemade liver brownies, "pupcakes" and cookies. Gift baskets are also available and make wonderful gifts for your dog friends.

Christi donated a 4 pound Pet Deli Beef Loaf for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser this fall.

The Isle of Dogs had a display of their various grooming items for dogs - I heard several people talking to them about how much they loved their products. Be sure to read about their discount program for Berner people.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 17, 2007 - Part 4

Dale and Cathy Sunlin 67961 County Road
652 Lawton,
MI 49065
Phone: (269) 655-5812
E-Mail: (best way to order)
Web Site: (Mention "Bernese National" in comment section)

Isle of Dogs was founded by two passionate champion dog breeders, who have created a canine grooming system that recognizes and addresses each dog's uniqueness. Their products give a smoother, shinier and healthier coat to all dogs. The Sunlins carry shampoos, conditioners, sprays, supplements and travel kits.

They have a very special "VIP Program" for dog show people, which offers discounts on product purchases, promotional items and puppy kits for each litter = gift pack for each puppy to send home with new owners, shampoos and bathing instructions and a coupon for credit for future purchases.

Shampoos range in size from the travel bottles for $8.50 (VIP Price $7.01) to 5 liter bottles for $95 (VIP Price $78.38) for EPO Puppy to EPO White and Black for $126 (VIP Price $103.95)

Conditioners range from the travel bottles for $6.50 (VIP Price $5.36) to 5 liter bottles for $103 (VIP Price $84.98)

EPO Sprays and Detangle Sprays are $12 (VIP Price $9.90) for the travel size to 5 liter bottles for $152 (VIP Price $125.40) for the EPO and $140 (VIP Price $115.50) for the Detangler EPO

Supplements and Royal Jelly for the 1 liter bottles are $28 (VIP Price $23.10) and for the 5 liter bottle $91 (VIP Price $75.08)

Travel Kits are $28 (VIP Price $23.10)

The Sunlins donated a large bottle of EPO White Coat and a large bottle of EPO Black Coat for our Fall 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

This vendor wasn't able to attend the entire Specialty ~ she arrived on Friday and was there for just one day. She had some lovely items!!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 18, 2007 - Part 5

Michele Perlongo
P. O. Box 176
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Phone: (414) 299-0364
Web Site: No web site is available at this time

Michele's Berner with Rose pin/pendant is gorgeous and was so fitting for the "Show for the Roses." It is an approximately 2.5 inch standing polished 3 tone pewter Berner with a rose in his mouth. You may choose either a red or a golden rose. And, yes, this is the piece that Carol Westaway proudly wore at the Specialty.

The price (not including shipping) is $40 and Michele will donate $5 to the Berner-Garde Foundation for every one sold between now and August 1, 2007! Thank you, Michele!!!

Other items Michele carries are: money clip, number holder, earrings, card case, grooming apparel, stained glass and wooden jewelry boxes. Jewelry items are all one of a kind, original creations. Michele also does full color, custom photo tapestry jackets in sizes small to extra large. All items are also available in other breeds.

Michele is already working on lighthouse themes and draft themes for the 2008 Specialty in Warwick, Rhode Island. Many of the items are one of a kind custom creations and it will be exciting to see what new items she has at next year’s Specialty.

Michele has donated a rose pin/pendant with the winner’s choice of a red or golden rose for our 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser in the fall.

It's always exciting at the Specialty to visit next's years booth to see the items for next year's specialty. The 2008 specialty will be held in Warwick, RI and the Nashoba Valley club has done an exceptional job of choosing a lovely logo and placing it on wonderful items.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 19, 2007 - Part 6

BMDCA 2008
Anya Wittenborg
147 Thorndike Street
MA 02474
Phone: (781) 316-2364
Web Site:

You're going to really love their logo with the Lighthouse and the Berner. You'll want to buy a pin and other items, I'm sure!

Here are some of their wonderful Berner items:
Embroidered women's Hoodie - $50
Ladies' Cotton Tank Top with silk-screened logo - $16
Ladies' Sleepshirt - cotton with silk-screened logo - $22
Men's long sleeved denim shirt with embroidered logo - $35
Men's golf shirt with embroidered logo (navy or Carolina blue) - $30
100% cotton T-shirts with silk-screened logo - $18
Long sleeved cotton T-shirts with logo - $20
Embroidered logo baseball caps - $20
Men's sweatshirt with silk-screened logo - $25
100% cotton baseball T-shirts (3/4 sleeves) with silk-screened logo - $20

BMDCA 2008 donated a lovely 2008 Specialty Sweatshirt to the 2007 Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser.

As a grandmother of three sweet granddaughters (ages 3, 4 and 7) and a former first and third grade teacher, I am always looking for children’s books for "my girls!" I got this book as a gift a few months ago and was thrilled with it.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 20, 2007 - Part 7

Theodore Waddell
Box 3710
Hailey, ID 83333
Phone: (208) 788-4953
Cell Phone: (208) 309-0352
Fax: (208) 788-4952
Web Site:

This is Theodore’s first children’s book and the idea for this book came from his lovable Bernese Mountain Dogs. He is an artist who loves nature and animals, especially Bernese Mountain Dogs! The illustrations were done by Ted Waddell and the story by writer Ted Beckstead, who is a foreign expert for an international radio station in China. Tucker Gets Tuckered is a charming story about a playful Berner who has to get involved in absolutely everything! It’s no wonder, he gets "all tuckered out."

Tucker Gets Tuckered ~ Children’s Book - $16.99

Theodore donated a copy of his book, "Tucker Gets Tuckered," to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

I have several items that I have bought over the years from this vendor. Two years ago, I splurged and bought a beautiful jacket from Michael. Every time I wear it, I get compliments!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 21, 2007 - Part 8

Michael Osher
14796 Dove Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949
Phone: (530) 477-5925
Fax: (530) 477-2792
Web Site:

Vests ? design your own vest (pick the throw and then decide where to place the Berners on your vest) - $55
Coag ? hip length coat ?
design your own coat (pick the throw and then decide where to place the Berners for your coat) - $200
Table Runners - $50
Placemats (Set of 4) - $50
Throws - $89.95
Bell Pulls - $39
Night Switch Plates ? Single - $12.95; Double - $14.95
Cutting Boards - $35
Night Lights - $24.95
Day Bags ? tapestry day bag (design it the way you want it) - $45
Hang Bag ? two designs available ? single or double sided - $55
Pillows - $39
Tote - $38
Berner Milano Music Box ? choice of wood, music and artwork - $75
Berner Treasure Music Box - $58
Berner Mouse Pad - $14.50

You’re going to love this web site and the gorgeous Berner items you can order.

Gone Doggin donated a beautiful Berner Clock to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

The BMDCA had some wonderful new items that were "selling like hotcakes" at the Specialty. It took a lot of workers to keep up with the people buying their items!!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 22, 2007 - Part 9

BMDCA Web Site: (BMDCA Store)

Of course one of the "hottest" items is always the BMDCA Yearbook! - $45 (plus shipping if you order on line and didn’t pick it up at the Specialty) Previous year's Yearbooks are also available while they last:

2005 - $42
2004 - $45
2003 - $42
2002 - $48
2001 - $45
2000 - $45
1998 - $43

You can get the years 1968 through 2000 as a CD - $85

Every Berner person should have a copy of the Illustrated Standard - $8

You should also have a copy of the BMD Handbook, too - $1.50

They had some fantastic soft sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts, all with the national BMDCA logo.

{short description of image}

The BMDCA donated a very nice jacket to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

I always enjoy shopping at the Alpen Schatz booth. Mary Dawn has a lot of wonderful Swiss items and her Swiss outfits for both women and men are just gorgeous!!

SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 23, 2007 - Part 10

Mary Dawn DeBriae
307 E. Colorado Avenue
CO 81435
Phone: (970) 728-4433 Toll Free: (888) 882-5736
Fax: (303) 484-3612
Web Site:

Mary Dawn offer exclusive alpine handicrafts imported from the original craftsmen in the heart of the Swiss, Italian, and Austrian Alps. Some of the items are:

Swiss Leather Carting Harness Original Swiss Dog Collars - $89.95 to $139.95
Austrian Dog Collars - $59.95 to $79.95
Dirndls and Lederhosen are available for both adults and children, as well as Alpine Hats
Table Linens
Swiss Cow Bells - Treicheln Bells - $12 to $125
Glocken Bells - $26 to $110
Yodeling “Marmots” - $34.95
Edelweiss Scarf Ornament - These rustic Edelweiss scarf ornaments dress up cotton and silk scarves for any occasion.
Each Edelweiss ornament measures 2" across. $22.00
Stuffed Bernese Mountain Dogs - $18.95 to the rideable Berner at $395
Traditional alpine belts are worn by the people in the Swiss Alps on a day to day basis, as well as for festive occasions. The belts depict either the Edelweiss flower or the Alpine Herdsmen themes. - $129.95
The “Alpen Schatz” warm fuzzy fleece pullovers are made in Italy by an Austrian designer. They sport Edelweiss embroidery as well as edelweiss pins as decoration. - $125
Swiss Zigg Bottles with Edelweiss - These trendy, eco-friendly Swiss water bottles are made out of light weight aluminum. The interior is coated with an all natural FDA approved vegetable coating, guaranteed not to absorb the flavor of the last beverage held in the bottle. $16 (special price to Berner people - $10)

Mary Dawn has donated a red Swiss Collar for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

This vendor has some very nice Berner items – you’ll want to be sure to check them out!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 24, 2007 - Part 11

Nina Amolsch & Mel Bowman
8319 Brickle Lane
NC 28078
Phone: (248) 360-7752 Cell Phone: (586) 904-0175
Fax: (248) 360-7752

Nina and Mel have exquisite European Leather attire and accessories.

Tierisch Exclusiv – Custom German orders available – pdf – on line catalogue available through Pet Fabulous

Handmade in England – slip leads, show sets, loop leads, house collars, half checks rolled leads and traffic handle – prices start at $30 and up

“Horse Brasses” from England – with Bernese hand forged with leather strap - $20

Handcrafted one-piece leather key chain of Bernese Mountain Dog - $15

Bernese ceramic tiles - $12 each or in the following:
With trivet - $20
Letter Holder - $35
Lazy Susan - $48
Pen/Pencil Holder - $25

Pet Fabulous donated a lovely memory box with a Bernese Ceramic tile on top for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

I just love shopping at the regional club booths! They always have such wonderful, creative items.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 25, 2007 - Part 12

Michael and Beverly Hilmes
6403 Meadowcrest Lane
Flower Mound,
TX 75022-6340
Phone: (817) 430-2850

. .

This is a classic T-shirt and Sweatshirt – “Betcha’ Can’t Have Just One” and it’s oh so true!! T-Shirts: $20 (2X and 3X - $23) Sweatshirts: $25 (2X and 3X - $27) Bigger and Better in Texas T-Shirts - $20 (2X and 3X - $23)

Happy-Go-Lucky Bernese Mt. Dog made by Stone Critters ® - 4 inches tall - $10

Conformation Purple Ribbon Mouse Pads - $10
Conformation Purple Ribbon Mugs - $10

Black Metal Leash Holder
Black Metal Welcome Sign

Copper and Black Metal Weather Vane – Garden Pole or Rooftop Mount

Leather Berner Door Knob Jingle Bells - $10

LSBMDC logo embroidered Sports Bag with carry Handle and Shoulder Strap - $25

The Lone Star BMD Club donated both a black metal leash rack and a black metal welcome sign to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

Another great regional club with some terrific Berner items!!

SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 26, 2007 - Part 13


Shari Cannon-Mackey,
Ways & Means Chair
2261 N. 1137 Road
KS 66025
Cell Phone: (785) 331-8028
Web Site:

The Heartland Club has a great classic Berner shirt –
“I’m No Saint, I’m a Berner” T-Shirts $20 (Adults) $15 (Kids)

Their Heart Shaped Logo is really nice and available on many items:
T-Shirts – pigment dyed 100% cotton in a wide selection of colors - $25
Long sleeved T-Shirts - $30
Sweatshirts – Crewneck - $40 for all sizes
Pique Polo Shirts - $40
Denim twill shirts – Men’s and Women’s - $45
Embroidered Denim Jacket - $55
Lapel Pins - $3.50

The Heartland Club donated an embroidered denim jacket (size XL) to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 27, 2007 - Part 14


7912 Rutillio Court
New Port Richey,
FL 34653
Phone: (727) 842-5757
Toll Free: (800) 932-7089
Fax: (727) 842-5047
Web Site:

Kelp Products offers your dogs an all natural supplement containing the properties of true Norwegian kelp, combined with a natural nutritional yeast formula made from organically grown vegetables. They are dairy free, free of preservatives and low in fat. They carry the Vegetarian Blend with Garlic and the Vegetarian Blend. – priced at $19.95 for the 1 pound pail to $139.95 for the 10 pound pail.

Kelp Products also carry a variety of lovely items in many breeds including:
Ornaments – crystals with laser design - $19.95
Enameled glass ornament with 22 kt. outline - $18.95
Acrylic Christmas ornament with red ribbon - $19.95
Cutting Boards – tempered glass - $29.95
Intarsia – using various hardwoods pieced together – heads - $150;
full bodies - $175
Night Light Ornaments - $24.95
Handmade dolls with ceramic heads and cloth bodies – Medium - $75; Large & Giant - $85
Garden Stones for your yard or garden - $95
Stained Glass (12 inch circle) - $130
Stained Glass Heads - $49.95
Key Chains - $6.95

Kelp Products donated a pail of Vegetarian Blend with Garlic Norwegian Kelp for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 28, 2007 - Part 15

Marcy J. Wright
5758 Hawley Court
OH 43017
Phone: (614) 764-1488
E-Mail: or
Web Site:

Pawsitive Kneads, LLC specializes in integrative massage therapy for dogs and uses a variety of massage techniques, lymph drainage, spinal modalities, Reiki and gait analysis. She is located in Columbus, Ohio. She works with dogs in general relaxation, range of motion, pre and post event, post surgical and massage for the aging dog.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 29, 2007 - Part 16

Nancy Stewart
8650 E. Wood Drive
AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 443-8824 or (602) 315-1281

I just love the Diane Wat hand painted shirts that Nancy Stewart carries. They are so unusual and everyone comments on them! My favorite shirt is the "I’m Not Listening" short sleeve tee in watermelon for $46, and the "Personal Trainer" short sleeve tee in purple for $46 is also great! You’ll also love the "She Who Sleeps with Dogs" night shirt.

Nancy donated a Diane Wat "I’m Not Listening" T-shirt for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky May 30, 2007 - Part 17

Debby Fitch
98 Settlers Drive
ME 04640
Phone: (207) 422-3764
Web Site:

The Truman Collar specializes in custom made collars and leashes to suit your dog and personal style. Debby has a large selection of edelweiss and other Swiss trims for your collars and leashes. The collars and leashes are not only beautiful, but are also affordable. Here are the prices:

Fabric Buckle Collars - $11.50
Fabric Martingale Collars - $13.50
Trim Buckle and Martingale Collars - $16.50
Fabric Leashes - $17 to $22
Trim Leashes - $17 to $22
Holiday Collars and Leashes - $11.50 to $16
Poo Bag Dispensers - $6.

Debby donates 25% of every collar and leash sold to the Morris Animal Foundation to fund research on hemolytic anemia. To date, Debby has donated $7,870 to the fund in loving memory of her sweet Truman.

Debby made a nice donation for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

. Shopping at the 2007 BMDCA Specialty May 31, 2006 - Part 17

Carol Ganz
4965 Franktown Road
Washoc Valley,
NV 89704
Home: (775) 885-7990
Cell: (775) 315-0900

And Elke Adair
16555 Red Rock Road
Reno, NV 89506
Home: (775) 969-3140
Cell: (775) 742-7206

The goal of Monet’s Gallery is to find or make items that are not available from the major vendors and clubs. Customers can also order many of their items customized with the buyer’s Berners. They carry a wonderful selection of note cards, note papers and matted prints. Other items available include: Berner/dog and Swiss theme jewelry, material and ribbon trim by the yard, lederhosen for children, frames, night lights, Berner figurines and magnets. They also had the recent Swiss first day issue stamps and envelopes. Their prices are reasonable so be sure to check them out by sending an e-mail to Carol Ganz or Elke Adair. They don’t have a web site yet, but I can tell you that their items are very nice!!

Monet's Gallery donated some nice Berner items to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

I am always happy to see Eve Lapolla at any Berner event and usually end up buying several items from her. Eve always has several tables full of beautiful Berner items and a big crowd looking and buying things from her.


Shopping at the 2007 BMDCA Specialty June 1, 2006 ~ Part 18

Eve Lapolla
5599 Olentangy River Rd.
Ohio 43235
Phone: (800)227-0914, access code 16 or (614) 451-0914
Fax: (800)227-0914, access code 16, push *,5,1
Web site:


Eve Lapolla started By Jove approximately ten years ago out of desperation. When she got her first Berner, she would shop the dog shows and pet stores for Berner "stuff" but was not able to find much of anything that had a Bernese Mountain Dog on it. She decided to create her own little niche for Berner lovers and By Jove was created.

Eve has more Berner products than any other vendor I have ever seen and I’ve bought a lot of things from her and love them all! She carries address books, aprons, artwork, barrettes, baseball caps, belts, bibs, books, bookends, bowls, boxes, butter dishes, cabinet knobs, candles and candle stick holders, canister sets, cd holders, cell phone covers, checkbook Christmas cards, covers, clocks, coasters, cookie jars, crate tags, decals and stickers, door mats, frames, garden flags, glasses, golf club head covers, house tiles, imported plates, jewelry, jewelry boxes, kid’s items (which aren’t very easy to find,) light switch covers, mirrors, music boxes, nesting dolls, night shirts, ornaments, painted rocks, pants, pillows, pillow cases, pitchers, plates, playing cards, purses, puzzles, salt and pepper shakers, shelf sitters, shirts, shorts, slippers, snow globes, soap dishes, socks, stained glass, statues, sugar bowls, sun catchers, suspenders, sweatshirts, throws, ties, tiles and trivets, tooth fairy boxes, totes, towels, toys, treat boxes, umbrellas, walking sticks, wallets, wallpaper borders, watches, weather vanes, wine glasses, wrapping paper, wreaths and a whole lot more!!!

Eve has Berner products to fit everyone’s budget and it’s all nice!!! You have to visit her web site ~

It is full of wonderful Berner things. You’ll be happy you did!

Eve has donated several of her great items to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

Another club at the Specialty who had some very nice Berner items was the BMD Club of NE Illinois!


SHOPPING AT THE 2007 SPECIALTY Louisville, Kentucky June 2, 2007 - Part 20

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northeast Illinois
Buffy Cramer-Hamman - Ways and Means
Phone: (847) 695-8023
E-Mail: and.....
Dee McDuffe - Ways and Means
Phone: (630) 365-0190
Web Site .

I really liked this club's travel mugs and cups. They had a Berner on them - smiling, of course - and they can be personalized. The cost was just $8 each or two for $15. Their colorful "Berners Rule" and "Spoiled Rotten Berner" pillows were really cute. The bone magnets were just $6 each and were available in: Tracking Berner, Draft Berner, Conformation Berner, Rally Berner, Agility Berner and Obedience Berner. They also had a big stuffed Berner, lovely embroidered shirts with their logo and a gorgeous hand pained plate ($25.)

I think it's wonderful when people support the regional clubs, and you can get some terrific Berner items while you're doing it!!!


Shopping at the 2007 BMDCA Specialty June 3, 2007 ~ Part 21

Ingrid Hubbard
973 Cole Road
Ohio 43119
Phone: (614) 878-9017
Fax: (614) 878-9017
Web Site:

Ingrid Hubbard does absolutely beautiful work!! All Studio H’s items are hand crafted by Ingrid and are truly unique. Although Berners are featured, Ingrid has branched out to other breeds, including Clumbers, German Shepherss, Golden Retrievers and Great Danes. Ingrid is currently working on other breeds, so if you want another breed, send her a note to see if that breed will be added to her line soon. She will be coming out with some new items in her line soon, so be sure to check her web site frequently to see the new breeds and items, and spread the word!

Her lovely necklaces ($45) are hand crafted, making each piece a unique work of art. The hair on the small heads is individually engraved into the polymer clay before baking. The heads are then painted with four coats of paint and sprayed with a sealer. The combination of the necklaces and heads cannot be repeated and is limited to the stock on hand. Similar necklaces can be custom ordered in colors you specify.

Pendants ($75) ~ The beautiful pendants are individually hand-painted from a photograph of your dog. Painted on agate, natural stone or glass, each pendant is sure to cause attention at your next dog show. The pendants are about 2-1/2 inches long, depending upon the stone or agate. Agates and stones come in many colors, including, green, blue, black, hot pink and natural. I have a gorgeous pendant of Nicky that Ingrid did two years ago for me and every time I wear it, I get compliments, even from non-dog people!

Shirts ($75) Jackets ($125) and Day Cases ($70): These items are hand painted from a photograph of your dog. All shirts include the pocket treatment and paw prints on the front. Jackets include the picture on the back and embellishments on the front. The day cases come in various styles and colors and are approximately 22 inches.

Custom-Made Wood Signs ($20) ~ These signs have a beautiful Berner head study on the left. You can choose from 65 sayings or put your dog’s name and title on it, or any other saying you’d like.

Ingrid is a draft judge and now carries a line of carts. She also does fantastic Faux Stained Glass Pictures. Be sure to check all of these items out on her website

:Ingrid has donated ten pieces of jewelry for the 2007 Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser and future fundraisers.


The Hunting Horn carries items that are "fit for a queen!"

Shopping at the 2007 BMDCA Specialty June 4, 2007 ~ Part 22

The Hunting Horn, LTD.
Kathy Norris
New Bern, NC
Phone: 203 733-2793
Web Site:

Established in 1986, Hunting Horn is dedicated to creating the very finest in design and workmanship in dog breed jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is cast and hand-finished by their own jewelers, and all precious gems are hand-set. The jewelry is in 14K and 18K gold. It is truly stunning dog jewelry. They have dog charms, bracelets, pendants, pins, tie tacks, rings and earrings in many different breeds.

Here are the Berner items:

18K Gold and Enamel Large Trotting Bernese Mountain Dog with Diamond Bale - $1,395
18K Gold and Enamel Large Bernese Mountain Dog Head - $1,395
14K Gold Large Trotting Bernese Mountain Dog - $895
14K Gold Medium Trotting Bernese Mountain Dog - $650
18K Gold and Enamel Large Trotting Bernese Mountain Dog - $1295

This jewelry will be a family heirloom! You really should go to the web site to see the elegant jewelry.Kathy also had some wonderful prints. The Roger Inman print is the one that I have framed and hanging in our bedroom.

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