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“Shasta” (Female Bernese Mountain Dog)

March 31st 2009

Everyone - This is a personal email to all of you who have been helping since last Wednesday in the search for Shasta! Great News! Shasta is home, healthy and now microchipped! I am so greatful and words cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for all of you and the help you have given in finding our sweet Shasta.

Mr. and Mrs. David and Alisha Gray and Ms. Sheila Smith of the Leucadia and Encinitas area found Shasta this morning in their backyard after six days of her being on her own, and took very good care of her today until they received information from a family member about our flyers and the search for Shasta. They called me immediately after they got ahold of one of my flyers and I was able to pick her up about 30 minutes later from their homes this evening at about 5:30pm.

David, Alisha, and Sheila are all dog lovers and took great care of her today, and as far as I am concerned they are my heroes. Shasta has been to her veterinarian and was deemed very healthy (about 3 pounds lighter after her journeys), has now been officially microchipped, and has a new collar and harness that goes under her chest and belly area! She is home now and very happy! She has eaten, been drinking lots of water, and is sleeping heavily as we give her tons of love, but continues to wag her tail and paw at us.

This has been the toughest experience of my life, and for all those emotionally connected to Shasta. We are all so greatful and are blessed to have her home, happy, healthy and safe. David, Alisha and Sheila would not take a reward from us, but there isn't a bone in body that could not do something to give back, so I will be doing the following:

- Donation to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in the names of David and Alisha Gray, and Sheila Smith (Shasta and my heroes)
- Donation to the San Diego County Shelters in the name of Ms. Dawn Danielson (head of animal services for San Diego county, who has personally been assisting with our search)
- Donation to the Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue for Southern California in the names of Ms. Jennifer Zaayer, Ms. Gail Barron, and Ms. Jean Cheesman (Key Members and Leaders for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southern California and the BMD Rescue group)

We will be returning to all of the areas that we posted flyers and posters tomorrow late afternoon to ensure that all of them are taken down and that the word gets out that we have found Shasta! We will also be contacting all online forums, newspapers, shelters, vets, etc. that have been assisting in our search and have flyers to make sure they know she is now safe at home.

Again - I am so extremely greatful to have a happy ending to this story and will be personally joining the BMDSCA to help provide this support to others in need! Please pass on the great news to all of those people that each of you have personally contacted and thank them from Shasta!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as our Shasta is finally home! --


Kristen A. Butt


Encinitas, CA, March 25th '09

Shasta went missing last night (3/25) and we have been trying to do everything we can to find her

Thank you so much to those of you who have already put in more hours than any person could hope for in helping to find Shasta. Here are some details about when and where she went missing if you wouldn't mind spreading the word to those that you think might be able to keep an eye out for her or might have some suggestions on next steps.

-Shasta is a 1 year old, Female, Bernese Mountain Dog
  • She went missing on 3-25-09 at approximately 8:00pm
  • She was last seen in Encinitas, CA at the corner of Leucadia Avenue and the 101 freeway, heading south bound and west on the 101
  • .She pulled her leash and collar off when she took off running, so she does not have her tags on her
  • She has not been microchipped to date
  • She is current on all vaccinations including rabies, but has not been officially licensed by the County of San Diego She does have a national rabies registration and an AKC registration She is on Heartwom, Flea Advantage, and several dietary supplements
  • She is what is known as Tri-Color (Black Body, Brown Legs, White chest and facial area)
  • She is approximately 75 pounds and has not been spayed to date
  • She is NOT spayed and it is possbile she is coming into heat
  • She is extremely friendly and well socialized with humans and animals, but may be frightened right now.
  • While she is not a certified therapy/service dog yet, it is important to note that she is a therapy dog for me with my medical disability and it may help to let people know

Here is a list of who has been contacted so far:
  • Over 300 flyers in the Encintas Community (Local Businesses, Residents, Parks, Beaches, etc.)
  • San Diego County Animal Services and Control
  • San Diego County Animal Shelters and Humane Society's (All of them from North to South San Diego County)
    Includes Helen Woodward and Privately funded shelters
  • Encinitas Local Sherriff's Department
  • Encinitas Fire Department
  • Encinitas Lifeguard Station
  • Encinitas Pet Places (Vets, Pet Hospitals, Groomers, Pet Shops, etc.)

Online Notifications
  • San Diego County Animal Services (
  • Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southern California
  • Yahoo Berner Groups
  • K9 Amber Alert
  • Fido Finder - I took an ad out
  • Coastal News - I took an ad out
  • Craigs List - Two ads are out
  • National Notice through on-line groups and submissions of her information by BMDSCA and Berner Yahoo Groups
  • for information, and other sites

Collectively emails have been sent to the following:
  • Boys & Girls Club Boy Scouts Encinitas
  • Unified School District
  • Encinitas Rotary Club Encinitas
  • Library Chamber of Commerce Listings of organizations that might be able to help
  • Local Radio Station

I know there are more that I haven't listed but thank you all for the help and the continued searching.

I have some people now working online things for me, like searching ads for dog sales, lost and found, etc. and some people checking the website for current information on which dogs have been brought into shelters.

Please email my ( address or call my cell if you need to get ahold of me for the next several hours as I will be on foot in Encintas. Thank you all!

We will find her!


*Bernese Mountain Dogs Lost and Found*