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For pictures of this quilt in the making and for details of the fundraiser
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The Sydney Berner Buddies
Rescue Fund Quilt Fundraiser 2006
SBBQ Raffle

The fundraiser is run by the Sydney based Berner Buddies group, a social group for Berners and their families living in or near Sydney. The fundraiser is in aid of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of South Australia Rescue Fund.

Last year, the SA Club (in the absence of a functioning NSW breed club) rescued a Berner girl puppy, "Frankie" from a broker in NSW who was planning to sell her overseas as a brood bitch, despite the fact that she has blue eyes and is unregisterable in Australia and elsewhere. Anne-Maree Rogers approached the broker posing as a genuine buyer and purchased "Frankie" who was caged, unkempt and afraid of humans. Anne-Maree took Frankie home and started the long process of gaining her confidence and socialising this poor girl with the aid of her two elderly Berners, Vogue and Oaky. Once Frankie was ready, the SA Club and Anne-Maree then set about the difficult task of finding the right permanent home for her. At least 3 Berner Buddies members expressed an interest in adopting Frankie and she has now taken up permanent residence with Berner Buddies member, Janet Cameron and her Berner boy, Harley, in Sydney. Frankie is a different girl now, though still on the shy side and has already attended a Berner Buddies picnic.

For pics of Frankie
click here

The SA Club bore the considerable costs of this rescue and subsequent veterinary treatment so it is hoped that this fundraiser (and the preceding 2 fundraisers) will reimburse the club fully for this rescue.

The quilt will be first prize and a cushion second prize.

Bernd Guenter has also donated a copy of his book
The Bernese Mountan Dog: A Dog of Destiny as third prize

This Fundraiser will run until the draw on Sun. 19th November

Make the cheques payable to the BMD Club of SA.
Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Mail your cheques to:

Gael Goldsack
89 Grosvenor St,
NSW 2076

Thank you to all who help support us!

You can watch the quilt as it develops on this website, see below:

Annie Bell,
Gael Goldsack,
and the Berner Buddies from the Land Down Under

First Prize - The Quilt

The quilt in the making

Completed Quilt
The Completed quilt before it goes off to the quilters

<click to enlarge>

To see the Story of this Quilt and it's development as all the blocks come together
<click here>

Second Prize - A Cushion

Cushion Block

<click here for more info>

Third Prize - A Book

Donated by the Author, Bernd Guenter
The Bernese Mountain Dog: A Dog of Destiny

Bernd's Book

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