October 18th '10

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$1,000.00 REWARD*




Stolen Bernese in Morgan Hill area, Northern CA
Missing since Friday, September 24th

STOLEN Big Black Dog with White & Brown Markings (Tri Color). 90-80 pounds, is a Bernese Mountain Dog, 1 year old, and around Labrador size with long fur. Will need surgery as she grows,has a plate in her leg. *REWARD - If you found her and are keeping her safe - $500.00 no questions asked. Any ANONYMOUS TIP that results in the recovery of our dog - we DOUBLE the reward or Report persons who knowingly has her and is hiding her, $1000.00 - Last seen on 9/24/10 @5pm. in front of Target in Morgan Hill. The police, mailmen, bus drivers, vets, groomers statewide and every internet channel is being used to get the word out.

Did someone you know recently find a full grown, large black, tri color dog?


(408) 779-6621, (408) 594-1149, (408) 594-1148, (408) 779-5331- Espanol


Stolen Bernese in Morgan Hill area, Northern CA
Missing since Friday, September 24th

Was unclipped from a leash tied to a post in their front yard
(when the owner briefly went into the house).
Bernese Mountain Dog Female - intact
One year old
Approx 80#
No microchip.
Has previously broken her front right leg.
She has a steel plate in her front right leg.

Sighted Wed 29th in front of Target in Morgan Hill…
appeared to be being offered for sale.
$1000.00 REWARD

Contact information:

Edie ExpressHay@aol.com

Vicky Kafimatzu@aol.com

KSBW talk about our missing Rylee

Update October 18th '10


Thank you ALL - She would not be home if it weren't for all of you. THANK YOU!!!

We got a phone call yesterday in the late afternoon. It was a man who lived in Santa Clara. He was driving through Morgan Hill last Friday night on his way to meet friends at a campground. He saw a dog running downtown because he almost hit it. It was late, he didn't see anyone who looked like they owned the dog so he took her with him camping. On Monday, he drove back down here to see if he could find a poster and take care of some other business. Of course he found a poster. He said as soon as he saw the picture, he knew he had our girl. So he called me. He told us to head to Santa Clara and come get our girl. Jim was out putting up posters, no cell service, so it was my mom, my girls, and I driving to Santa Clara in a setting that could have easily been written into that 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' movie.

At this point, I knew that whoever had Rylee those first three weeks set her free because the campaign to get her back was so strong.

As soon as I saw Rylee and she saw me - that was it - she was in my lap. I was laughing, crying, and not making much sense. Rylee was crying, her heart was pounding right out of her chest, and she was glued to me.

We sang 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey all the way home... We are elated and so grateful to all of you. The pressure was on and they had to give her back.

Thank you everyone.


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