Centennial Park Picnic

November 19th 2006

The draw for the Sydney Berner Buddies Quilt Fundraiser was held at the picnic

For results of the raffle and the story behind this Fundraiser

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Annie, Frankie and the Quilt.

Gael, Annie, Frankie and the Quilt

"Here are a few pics from the picnic yesterday taken by a new member who is still waiting for his pup (3 weeks old now, so it won't be long)

I will try to add a few labels where I can. I counted 32 Berners present and a handful of honorary Berners.

Centennial Park is a perfect spot for our spring gathering, very shady and well fenced. There is also a canal beside the area we use that stops some Berners from crossing the bridge to the driveway, but even so there is a 30kph speed limit and drivers are very careful there.


Take care Gael, Ellie and Tara"

Annie standing - Berners Chester, Bonnie, Gideon looking up at Annie and Harry Brat

Spike is stalking Harley, the other Berner that lives with Frankie

Spike is still stalking Harley

Chester, Tara's brother (all 65kg of him!) meeting a Labradoodle, Harry, (owner Ros in green eye shade)

Chester again

Don't know who owns the rear ends, but the quilt is in the background

These are of my 8 yo Ellie (still acting like a 2 yo)

New member, Sue (still waiting for her pup) and 10 yo Seekie

A few of the Christmas decorated Berners (Harley with Jan (Frankie's Mum) in the background L)

Berner/Berner look alike comp

Annie with Ros and Gideon and Chester, the winners of the Berner/Berner look alike

{short description of image}

Zema and Spike saying hello

Annie's Gideon

Da Boyz! Gideon (L), Harry Brat (C) and Spike (R)

Harry Brat and David

Big Foot?

Harry Brat's Big Paw!:-))

And again, in the background, the Quilt

Biggest Berner Hugs to You All Down Under!

And Congratulations on a great International Fundraiser!

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