Pat Pranked!!! - with a twist!

Well, it worked out! We got Pat, but she had us scrambling for a bit today.

Thanks to all the people who pledged to the Prank Pat Fund we had $2,000.00 to work with! Great job everyone!!!

Pat and the spoils

Pat with her spoils!

Now for the details. This afternoon we found out that since Pat had made such a fuss about loosing the feather, she was given one this afternoon by Jon & Judy Cons. They commissioned to have a feather painted for her with her own dog on it!. How could we top that?? Well, it took many "spies" but they finally got it out of Pat what else she was interested in at the auction, so we enlisted Sue Henderson to be our "ringer". Pat was sneakily whispering bids to the auctioneer as she walked past, but her face became tense when the bid hit $1,000.00. and the Original Kate Brown Oil painting was OURS! I then stepped up to the auctioneer, who handed me the mike. I explained what had just happened, and that on behalf of "Friends from the Berner-L, and here onsite" we were presenting the painting to Pat "for all she does to help the breed", and that we had pledges of $2,000.00 to make it happen. Unfortunately, her stunned expression did not get immortalized in time, but we did get her to pose with the painting, and a hand painted egg that she had us use the balance to get.

When it all was all said and done, the estimated total brought in at the auction was about $58,000.00 !!!!

The biggest item of the night was a Berner Weathervane, going for $10,500.00!

Once again, the response from the L was tremendous.

Thank you all for making the Prank Possible!

Bob & Nancy Torstenson
Bob T a.k.a. the BNN the Berner News Network

www.bernernews.net bnn2008@bernernews.net

And with thanks to Mary Merrell, more Pat Pics!

Pat taking a quick break between doing Longshots and getting ready for the health fund auction.


Vanna in action

And from Martha Hoverson, Molly's Page with her new Long Shots

"Today was a dream come true, as I traveled to the Specialty with my daughter and our six-year-old Berner, Molly, to have her picture taken by Pat Long"


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And for more pics from Rhode Island from Chris and Andrea Stefanac

And from Dawn Gabig

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