In Loving Memory of

Muffy Lynn

Nikki's beautiful Shih Tzu,
a brave survivor of cancer for almost four years.

"Sadly we lost Muffy on January 21st, 2003,
we miss her terribly but know that we will once again be together."

Muffy the Survivir!

Muffy's picture was entered for the July poster baby for Shih Tzu Rescue,
she came 1st equal with Shih Tzu, Spanky

US Shih Tzu Rescue. Com

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Muffy Lynn brave fighter against canine lymphosarcoma

Muffy brave fighter against canine lymphoma

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The Story of Muffy's brave fight against Lymphoma.

A letter to my beloved Muffy Lynn.

Dearest Baby,

I will never forget the day that you came into my life. Rusty was a year and a half and Uncle Charlie and Aunt Connie helped us to decide to get him a playmate. We decided we wanted a girl for our boy, a little girl to give us the rich mans family. Daddy and I were so naive, we started looking at 'petstores' we went in one and all they had was a beautiful shih-tzu boy, I knew he'd been there a while, he was at least 4 months old, but I really wanted a girl. So we decided we knew of another 'petstore' to go to and we went there and found you, a poor little thing. The clerk picked you out of your 'cage' and placed you in my arms... NO MOVEMENT, you went so stiff... stiff as a board (you still do to this day!- but as you have no movement when we hold you, it stores up so when we put you down you go off like a wind-up toy) and then I placed you in what was supposed to be an exercise pen - all you did was flop like a fish, you couldn't even walk - it was so sad, but you had this big pricetag and Daddy said, let's call another place and see what we can find (don't blame him darlin, it was his wallet talking). I could barely leave the store, and cried all the way to Nana's house.. bawling like a baby, I just had to have you. Well, you know what happens next, the car is turned around and we head back to pick you up. It was so great (cynically) the store actually gave us a discount for you and threw in a collar to boot - isn't that so great.... they're out of business now and well they should be. You couldn't have been any more that 5-6 weeks old, yet according to the papers you were 10 weeks.. LIARS, and somehow you had made it all the way out to the east coast from of all places Missouri... hmmm. I loved you with all of my heart, from the minute I set my eyes on you to this day. We had an uneventful 6 years, the occasional dry eye, yearly vaccines, that's about it, but that all changed in July of 1999 when unbeknowst to me, you got a swollen throat.... how stupid of me to think that you had swollen glands.... UGH, I let Daddy take you to the doctor thinking it was nothing, and my life went propelling into some other atmosphere when he called me at work to tell me that it was possibly cancer.... CANCER!! Not my girl, she can't have cancer. Your doctor removed a lymph node and did a biopsy and the results we clear on 7/31/1999 you were diagnosed with Lymphoma.... lymphoma, what the hell is that? So I scoured the internet finding out anything and everything I possibly could about this disease, now all I hear about is cancer, everywhere. I thought my life would end.... but out of this my beautiful angel emerged... you spread your wings and engulfed me, Muffy you made me realize so much - I've realized what is so important, and what is not worth my time. The little things are just that little things. Play ball like you've never played before. One can never have too many toys. You cannot love anyone too much. Love is unconditional. Sometimes sleeping the day away is a GOOD THING. Being spoiled is a wonderful life. I may never have a skinkid, but having you as my furkid means so much that I could never even come close to explaining what it means to me. Because of you I've met so many wonderful people with furkids who unfortunately have cancer, because of you I've changed jobs and am now happy working with furkids all day, because of you I rarely take things for granted, because of you I realize that miracles do happen, because of you. Each day you are with me is a gift, knowing that someday either the cancer will win or old age will win doesn't make it any easier - sometimes it scares the hell out of me that you won't be person, but I know you will always be with me in spirit and in my heart!!

Muffy, I love you and want to thank you for becoming a part of my life,

All my love forever, Mommy

Mommies Angel

Way Home

Who's Sleepy?

31st July 2002! Congratulations!

Today marks Muffy's 3rd year of living with this dreaded disease, she is still fighting the fight
- and we are ecstatic that she is still hanging on with us.

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September 27th Update

Hi, I just wanted to give another UPDATE, Muffy is being honored this month as a "HERO" at

With much sadness, Muffy lost her very brave fight with this cancer Jan. '03 some four years later!

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