Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 10:26 PM
Subject: Grief Website At Last

Thank you, Mary-Ann,

Your new website is beautifully done and will help others so very much when dealing with the loss of their pets.

I have just added in the link on all my Memorial pages

Also added in the berner-l group Links

And to the links on PetswithCancer and LifeAfterPetLoss Links too, though not sure if these will come up for you if not a member!

I most especially loved this on your site,

>Honor Your Animal
>Many people find great comfort in doing something to honor the one who has died. For example, one woman started an educational campaign after her puppy was lost to a mushroom ( ), some create trophy funds, and others donate to causes or rescue organizations. There are endless ways to honor our animal, and finding a special way to do this is very comforting for some people.

Karen Connors and I became very good friends back in 1999, she lost Britt after a brave fight with Histio and went on to do the Angel Pins, I lost my Sam to T-Cell 3 Lymphoma and went on to do the websites. We both smiled when we checked in at reception this year at the Eisenhower to see Donato's Mushroom Flyer in The Welcome Bag! Helping others is surely a very good way to cope with grief!

>Ironically, the completion of the site has been delayed as I grieved the loss of my sweet Maize and 2.5 months later, the sudden and unexpected death of her daughter, Cadi, in March -- talk about the one-two punch :(

Hugs Mary-Ann, it's never easy, our condolences! Special thanks to you for all you do to help others too!

Much love,

Jean, Pixie, Ida and the Longlease Gang,
Hereford, UK
In Loving Memory of Tinka, Samson, Simmy, Sunny, Barney and Herb.