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In Loving Memory of


BernHaven Just One Look

January 2nd 2001 to November 18 2009

So much loved and now so sadly missed by Bob and Nancy Torstenson


She was to be a two week foster, and we were her fourth home in just over a month,

When she came to us running full tilt across the parking lot, and immediately flipped on her back for tummy scratches, we knew she would not be leaving this "forever home".

This was 6 1/2 yrs ago. Darcie was a special needs kid, having some temperament issues that almost had her leaving us early, but after conferring with several trainers, an animal communicator and our vet, who was versed in chiropractic and acupuncture as well as traditional medicine, it was determined that she was a "Fire Dog". We adjusted her raw diet to include only "cool" foods according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sure, if she got something that wasn't on the list she would get a bit grumpy, but she seemed to mellow out with an aloof tolerance to the rest of us. We even got to see the "puppy" side of her on occasion, like when we brought Zurich home. We caught her bounding about in the snowdrifts with him, until she saw us watching. Then it was back to the grumpy aloof air, and the "I'm not playing. No, you didn't see that!"

There were the challenges. The attempts to be the "Alpha", but that couldn't be. Not with her pushiness. She would tend to be the excited one when people came over, but soon she was the one glued to someone's leg, claiming them for the duration of their visit. If she slipped out the door off-leash, we could always find her in the neighbor's garage, hugging him. She was our "Doofy-sis" to Aimee's "Goofy-sis". Darcie, Darci-fus, Doofy-do and yes, even Doofus at times, but all of her activities endeared her to us even more.

The day she started just lying there and especially not eating, told us something was definitely wrong. But she once again claimed the vets and the vet techs as her own. Even when they prodded and poked her, she wagged her tail and leaned on them. Malignant Histiosytosis was the MSU diagnosis, not much longer would she be with us, but she and her stubbornness would not give up.

But then, it was time to let her go. Go to meet her brother Boris. To no longer suffer and to let him show her the way to the bridge.

Goodbye our sweet Darcie. You will be missed by us all. And yes, bouncing in the snow drifts is definitely "allowed"!

Taken the day after we picked her up. Little did we know what the future held for us.

Darcie and Friends

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