BMDCA National Specialty 2005 in Gettysburg

Jean without the Gang in the USA!

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With thanks to Nell and John Ward, finally a pic with me and Karen Connors together too!
And Nell on the Right!

L - R, Maria, Janice, Jean and Vicky!

Toasting you all who couldn't make it to the Specialty!

For those of you who found me at the Specialty and wondered if it was really me until you approached front frontal to check out the name tag! You were not expecting to find me with a Berner perhaps? Yes, somewhere through the week I always managed to be looking after one of our beautiful girls or boys. I would have been so homesick without a Berner by my side

Justin and Jean

With Maria and Jack's, Justin

Jean and Pebbles

Jean with Carole and Tony Kaye's, Pebbles

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Pebs is my Sunny Lookalike, when Carole and Tony visited here at Longlease
they were stunned by the similarity between these girls

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With Chris Baker and Luther

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Meeting with Herb Baker at last,.

So very special!!

On the first Sunday Maria took me over to stay at her house for the week, was a beautiful experience. Not unlike Longlease as off the beaten track and with their own woodland walk too!

Pics of the woodland walk to come!


Jack with Daisy and her trainer cart, Justin leads the way

Click here for more of the pics I took

*Justin and Halley being groomed for the Show*

*At the Eisenhower Complex*

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