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Rescue Tobin's Fundraiser
and to read his story,



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Fundraiser for Rescue Berner, Tobin,
On behalf of BEHAF
and BMDCNV Rescue

For the latest update on Tobin
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Tobin is big boy whose family gave him up because, with two toddlers, they couldn't deal with the added stress of a dog who had seizures. He was placed about a year and a half ago with Cindy and Charlie who live in New Hampshire. Within a month, Cindy found herself driving through a blizzard to get Tobin to Angel Memorial, the big teaching veterinary hospital in Boston. Tobin was in intensive care for about a the tune of over $4,000.

Since that time, Cindy has educated herself extensively as to Tobin's health issues, monitored his health, dealt with his seizures and treasured every day with him. Recently, however, he was diagnosed with cataracts and she was told he would soon be completely blind without surgery (with an estimated cost of $4,000).

Normally a rescue home would be expected to cover all of the health care expenses for a dog they adopt, and Cindy and Charlie were quite prepared to do so. And often the rescue group will help to defray some of the costs for such things as neuter, or even hip and elbow x-rays and surgery – if it’s within their budget to do so. But in this particular case, the expenses were so extraordinary and so unexpected that we felt that a special effort to help out a family that had welcomed a Berner with known health issues was warranted.

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Tobin loves his Breyers but needs your help if he is to keep his sight!

A Day in the life of Tobin

"It is basically breakfast at 5:30 ( and I don't care who can sleep in, I need breakfast), meeting friends at 8:00 for our hike with my ring ( keeps me balanced). After it is off with Mom to play with more dog friends that she needs to visit every day. I normally can get in a quick nap before dinner ( 5:30 sharp) and then it is family time ( harass one of the cats maybe, play in the pool with my ring, or just relax. When it is bedtime I get my cup of Breyers and crash for the night because 5:30 comes early and I have to wake up the family. That is my job!! Mom says it isn't necessary, but I disagree. She might oversleep without my help.

Life is more exciting than this sounds. Well, you all live with a dog so you know,

Berner Hugs,


. PS Anya, Don't worry. No Breyers lately."

Tobin and his ring!

Tug of war!

Snowy Tobin.

Tired Tobin.

Latest News on Tobin

You will all be very happy to hear that Tobin is doing GREAT after his surgery. Here is an except from a note I got from Cindy about Tobin's progress: "He seems to have close to 20/20 vision at this point. His first check-up was last Tuesday and all was great. He has come through this with flying colors. Stitches have healed nicely, pressure is great, the lenses are dead-center ( as they should be) and all systems are go. We are seeing a whole new Tobin. He is acting like a two month old these days. He is chasing the cats, drinking out of the toilet( totally new), investigating all the time, stealing cookies that I have now had to move. It is seeming like a whole new world to him. He discovered a big ole toad the other day and followed it for the longest time. It was so cute. His next appt is in 2 weeks, then bi-monthly after, if all goes well for the first year. We now call him "Bright Eyes" - it still seems funny looking at no cataracts. I still find it amazing what they can do these days. This surgery was quite a bit different then just cataract surgery when they used to just scrape off the cataracts. With this there is no chance of them returning because they are artificial lenses, like in people. I can't express how grateful we are for all the help. This would not have been possible otherwise. You have all opened up a new world for him. Huge hugs from Tobin and myself. Cindy"

As you can tell, Tobin has had a huge change in his life and you folks made it possible.


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