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Bella Donna Sibley

Born February 18th 2003

B-G Dog ID =46132

Kathy Sibley's beloved Berner girl

Bella's Fundraising for the 2011 Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser


July 2nd 2011 - I was very happy to see that my regional club, the Heart of Michigan BMD Club voted to donate $200.00. While the board was voting the members were having a little side action. It wasn't planned, it just happened.

Last Saturday at our Summer Picnic, Bella decided she would try to head up a fundraiser to get additional donations for the Breen study research fundraiser. Bella was diagnosed with Histio in April and is doing well with her chemo (CCNU) treatments. Bella decided to pull her cart around the park asking for donations. Her cart held a sign that said "HISTIO – you are NOT welcome here!" The sign also included photos of a few of our berner members whose lives were cut short because of Malignt Histio. The "pass the hat" or shall I say "pass the cart" was a big success and we raised $150.00 that day. I was ready to send that money when a member emailed me to tell me that she wasn't at the picnic but had heard of Bella's efforts. She then told me she would match that $150.00 – wow, now Bella had $300.00. Then the word got out to the rest of the club members, and as of today, I am making the pledge on behalf of the members of the Heart of Michigan BMD club and my sweet BellaDonna an additional donation of $1100.00.

I now know why our club is called "HEART" of Michigan; our members sure have a heart.

We WILL win the fight with the Histio monster.


Thanks to Joye Neff for all the work you do for our Berners, and thank you all who have so generously donated.

Kathy Sibley
BellaDonna age 8, Bently Blu age 7 and Boomer age 8.

This Fundraiser closed on July 11th, the Results are in
and the lucky winners added to the website.

Thank you all for all you have done to raise funds for this so very important research!




(Beginner Novice, Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen, Novice Draft Dog, Therapy Dog International.)

On July 10th at the Ann Arbor Kennel Club show in Monroe, Bella received her AKC BN (Beginner Novice) Title with a first place win. We thank God that He has blessed us with some extra time that most Histio patient don’t get. We have realized just how short life can be. Bella and I are having the time of our life.

The top score is 200, you need 170 or better to qualify. Three qualifiers (we call them legs- leg 1, leg 2 and leg 3) to get youR official title with akc (this allows letters to be put after their name)

The You tube video below is her "first leg" - on July 9th. The first 2 exercises are for healing (bella doesn't do that so well.) Then there is the "sit for exam" then the "sit stay" while I walk around the room. Then the recall -(leave your dog-wait for the judge to say call your dog - you do and hope she comes. She needs to sit in front of you, you wait until the judge says "exercise finished" In the video below (her 1st leg) she received a score of 179 (170 being passing) Later that day we did her second trial - she received a score of 184 and 3rd place. The next day, she got a 189 and her 3rd and final leg - She took first place and an official AKC title.


Oh, oh I love that baby girl of mine,

(Beginner Novice, Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen, Novice Draft Dog, Therapy Dog International.)

For those of you who read Edgar Sawtell, Bella is my Almondine. I love her so,

Bella update:: today 7/21 we discovered Bella is no longer in remission. My nightmare - The tumors are back. The CCNU drug therapy is no longer working. We started a new drug today. Please pray for her. We love her so.



Sept 7, 2011 - Bella's 1st therapy dog hospital visit! Bella had earned her Therapy Dog International certificate a couple of years ago. Other than some action at the local parks and hanging out at adoption fairs she had never made a visit to a real hospital. On Sept. 7th her grandma had a bit of a stay at Henry Ford West Bloomfield, Michigan. She wanted to visit Grandma as much as Grandma wanted to visit her. So, I dressed Bella up in her therapy dog outfit and off we went to the hospital. Not only did she cheer up Grandma, but she also visited the grandma in the room next door as well as letting all sort of humans give her pets in the hall. When we were leaving that night, I watched Bella prance out of the hospital very proud as if she knew that she did a good days work. Thank you Henry Ford hospital for letting Bella show what a good therapy dog she can be.

Kathy and Bob Sibley
with Bella, Bently and Boomer

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