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Berner Christmas Links, 2006

Christmas Cards:

1 http://www.bmdcnv.org/shop/items/hldy09.html

2 http://www.bernergarde.org/waysandmeans.aspx

3 http://www.byjove.net/store/customer/home.php?cat=48

4 http://www.christmasplus.homestead.com/Bernerxmas.html

5 http://www.classiquegraphics.com/CustomNoteCards.html

6 http://www.fromkekeskitchen.com/products_c140897.html

7 Heart of Michigan BMDC has two styles of Christmas cards.  One has a Berner lying next to the manger.  The message inside is "May the joy of the season be with you now and through the year.  Merry Christmas"  The other has a drawing of a fireplace with a Berner seated on either side, an empty plate between them and crumbs on the floor.  Santa's boots are just appearing in the fireplace.  The message inside is "Naughty or Nice?”.  Both cards are in color.  Price is $10 per set of 8 cards with envelopes plus $1.50 per set shipping and handling. Anyone wishing to purchase these cards can contact me at: ngalunas@bernerpaw.com http://www.k9gifts.com/christmas-cards/bernese.html

8 http://www.photosays.com/cards/cards.html Custom designed from your own photos. Delivery is approx. 2 weeks.

9 http://www.pipsqueakproductions.com/catalog/prod.cfm?subcat_id=1011

10 http://www.pipsqueakproductions.com/catalog/prod.cfm?subcat_id=1011&group_no=120

11 http://twincitiesbmd.org/BN_TopItems.php

Miscellaneous Christmas Items:

1 http://www.bmdcnv.org/shop/holidays_xmas.html

2 http://www.byjove.net/store/customer/home.php?cat=14

3 http://www.photosays.com/specialty/specialty.html

Christmas Ideas:

1 http://www.k9gifts.com/holiday-dogs/bernese.html

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