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Shopping at the
BMDCA National Specialty 2006

BMDCA Specialty

Shopping at the BMDCA National Specialty 2006
Frankenmuth Michigan May 1-6, 2006

"Every year after the Specialty, I do a series of daily articles featuring a different vendor each day from the Specialty. The series is getting a late start this year because the power supply for my computer burned earlier this week and I just got my computer back today!!!

Each day I will be featuring the different vendors, along with the photos that I take at the Specialty. Each vendor also gives me an item for the following year's Berner-Garde Fundraiser. Are you ready to SHOP?

The vendors will be most happy to have you visit their websites and order Berner items from them. It's such fun to buy Berner Stuff!!!!

Joye Neff and Nicky (and Ben)
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA


Shopping at the 2006 Specialty May 13, 2006 - Part 1

Bill Wilczek and Barbie Beck-Wilczek
1786 Broomstick Hill Road
Littleton, NH 03561
603-444-0824 (same for fax)


Wilczek Woodworks specializes in making high quality wood carts and wagons for Bernese Mountain Dogs and other working breeds. They also provide a variety of nylon and leather harnesses including the new "Wilczek Siwash Harness," one of which they have donated to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser, and a "Breeching Strap" which they developed with the assistance of many draft judges and other experts. Other products include instructional books and videos, skijoring equipment, inserts for safely carrying competition weights, Swiss and Berne flags, cards, and stuffed animals. They have taught their own Berners (a.k.a. their professional equipment testers) to cart and strive to provide their customers with the best available quality equipment possible. They are constantly striving to improve and expand their product lines. They compete in draft events and have taught numerous workshops throughout the Northeast. Their Starter Kit (harness, light weight cart, and instructional book) for $215.00 is a great way to begin carting with your dog. At the other end of the price spectrum, the beauty of a Deluxe Custom Hardwood Wagon or Replica Antique Hay Wagon with Bent Wooden Shafts will truly match the magnificence of the Bernese Mountain Dog who proudly pulls it. A full line of their equipment can be seen on their website at:

Be sure to check out the "Satisfied Customers" section of their Photo Gallery. Whether you are looking for draft equipment for fun, sport, competition, parades, or just working around the yard, Wilczek Woodworks will happily answer all your questions and meet your specific needs.

It's always such fun to see all of the fantastic items that the vendors have at the Specialty. When I had my first Berner, Bern Aare, in 1985, I never saw any Berner things. When we got Winston in 1998, I was thrilled when I found something with a Berner on it. It wasn't until I went to my first Specialty in 1999 that I realized the wealth of Berner items that were available.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 14, 2006 - Part 2

Nina Amolsch and Mel Bowman
3854 Canute Commerce Township,
MI 48382
Phone and Fax: (248) 360-7752 Cell: (586) 904-0175
No website quite yet, but they do have a pdf catalogue




This vendor was at our Regional Specialty in Pittsburgh last month and I bought a beautiful small leather clutch with embroidered berners on the front. I was impressed with the items that they carry and was pleased to see them again at the Specialty.

Here are some of their items:

Custom German Collars, Leashes and Harnesses. Choice of 17 colors, silver or brass hardware; buckle or choke style; flat or braided; decorated flat with up to 3 medallions and choice of width - $50 and up

Leather purses with embroidered berners on the front - small clutch size at $30 and large size at $45.

Handcrafted porcelain (MD Dogart and Belcan Designs) - Pins, Pendants, Earrings - $15 and up

Leather Berner Keychains - $15

Horse Brasses - Bernese Mountain Dog hand forged brass from England - $12;

Leather Strap - $8

Pet First Aid Kits - $40

They donated a lovely Bernese Mountain Dog "Horse Brass" with a Leather Strap for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Every time that I see this vendor at a show, I come home with something very special from their booth!! Did you know that the jackets that they make are made from the tapestries they sell? Last year, I bought a jacket; I ordered it on Friday at our Three Rivers' Bernese Mountain Dog Club Regional Specialty and I picked it up the next day. I even got to choose which scenes I wanted on the front and back of the jacket. I just LOVE my jacket and when I wear it I always get compliments on how beautiful it is.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 15, 2006 - Part 3

Mike and Susan Osher
578 Sutton Way
Suite PMB 180
Grass Valley,
CA 95945
Phone: (530) 477-5925
Fax: (530) 477-2792
Web Site:




Gone Doggin was started 14 years ago when Susan Osher, frustrated by the lack of useful dog lover gifts on the internet, decided to start selling her own line of canine treasures, featuring original exclusive artwork, and hancrafted products." Their custom made jackets and coats are absolutely gorgeous!!! They also have Berner throws and other tapestry produces, such as place mats, table runners, bell pulls, hand bags and back packs. They also carry jewelry, music boxes and a delightful Berner night light.

If you click on this link, it will take you right to the Berner items:

You're going to LOVE the items from Gone Doggin!!

The Oshers have donated a Berner Night Light to our 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 16, 2006 - Part 4

With a club membership of around 600 members in New England, the Ways and Means Committee for the BMDCNV has to have a lot of different items in great numbers for just their own members! Their booth at the Specialty was large and they have it down to a real science with break-down shelving to display their shirts and other items. What an awesome display of Berner things they have!!!!

Marge Bumen
P.O. Box 40
Cape Neddick,
ME 03902
Fax: (207) 363-8064
Web Site:






I just LOVE the wonderful t-shirts and sweatshirts from this club ~ they have 3 new t-shirt designs: "Love Comes in Three Colors" (Guess what three colors!!) featuring 3 Berner puppies - a blue shirt for $18; a long sleeve pumpkin colored t-s! hirt featuring a Berner on the move for $18; Winter Romp - long sleeve silver blue t-shirt for $20 featuring a Berner in the snow. They also have a quilted Berner purse with 6 interior pockets and a security zip closure for $78; Wrangler denim jacket with large Berner silk screen on the back for $75. Of course they have the Berner socks in denim blue, gray or natural for $9.50; a nice array of various Berner pins from $12.50 to $17.50, and you can build your own pin for $32.50, featuring 3 charms of your choosing. They have a 6x6 inch Berner welcome tile for $7.50 on natural slate with a leather hanger, and their 3 new luggage tag designs are priced at $7.50 each. I just love their Christmas ornaments and bought some for my three granddaughters! The ornaments range in price from $7.50 to $15. The one size fits all women's grey jersey cardigan is $40. They also had fleece gloves (which would have felt wonderful for Breed Conformation on Saturday morning when it! was so chilly!) in black with an embroidered cart and berner ! on the cuff. The carting Berner pen was really cute, too, and was only $6.50.

The BMDCNV donated a long sleeve shirt with three Berner puppies on the back yoke with "Love Comes in 3 Colors" (size medium) for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

Right now, their website is down because they packed up all of their things to take to the Specialty in Frankenmuth, MI. They will be at the Spring Fun Day with lots of Berner stuff and the site will be back up by the end of June.

What a great name for a vendor selling Berner items!!! What could be more descriptive than "Berner Fan Club?" I think that we are all members of the Berner Fan Club and that this vendor has some great items that will make all members of this club happy!!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 17, 2006 - Part 5

Cindy Bos
P. O. Box 1045 Holland,
MI 49422
Phone: (800) 804-0022
Fax: (616) 396-4324

Berner Fan Club

Fan Club

Fan Club

This vendor can make your photos of your Berners into all kinds of items: custom ceramic tiles, pen holders, trivets, leash and key holders, wood boxes and serving trays. She has laser engraved photo albums which can be personalized with your Berner's Name and your Kennel Name. The Berner Fan Club has embroidered t-shirts, fleecewear, sweatshirts and towels. There are new items and designs coming soon on their website. Her coffee cups have Berner designs and can also be custom designed with your own Berner. She has a huge selection of Berner stamps. Her website will have a new look in the upcoming months, so be sure to check it out!! Cindy can also do club trophies and awards!

Cindy donated a great Bernese Mountain Dog cream colored denim shirt (size XL) and two cloth Bernese Mountain Dog Totes to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

The Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club not only had a booth at the 2006 Specialty, but they also have a group of women who are quilters and they made the 3rd Annual Quilt for the Berner-Garde Auction. The Quilting Ladies of the "Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club" are Vicky Hall, Dino Candelaria, Debra Bammel, Stephanie Biksacky, Shelley Gonzales, Amy Pannell and Vicky Whitney. The 2006 quilt reflected the theme of the Specialty. The log cabin pattern represented the Great Lakes, and the beer steins echoed the Bavarian style of Frankenmuth. The backing for the quilt reminded one of sunlight reflected on the water. Of course the most important element, Berners, were found at the center of each log cabin square. What a wonderful treasure the winner of this quilt has! The quilt brought $800 to Berner-Garde!

<Click Here> to view the quilt


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 18, 2006 - Part 6

Kathy Deyo
P. O. Box 2003
ID 83544
Phone: (208) 476-3228


This vendor has beautiful scenic woven afghans for $65 and a wonderful woven, lined tote bag, featuring Karen Connor's Britney for $35. Their hand beaded Bernese head study earrings are $22 and the full body hand beaded pendant is $15. If you need some nice little gifts, you can buy their wooden cart decoration for $6, their leather bookmark for $7 and their wooden keychain for $7.

The club donated a lovely pair of their hand beaded Berner head study earrings to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

A very popular booth at the Specialties is always the Specialty Vendor! This year was no exception since they had some great items. Once the items are gone, though, they are no longer available, so people always want to make sure that they buy the items while they are able to get them.


Shopping at the 2006 Specialty May 19, 2006 - Part 7

2006 BMDCA Specialty
Nancy Galunas





There are just a few items left , so get them while you can!!!

1 logo sweatshirt, size XL in beige - $30

" I Made It To Michigan" t-shirts, sizes S, M, 2XL, 3XL in orange - $20

pins ($5)

website cards ($10)

Shipping is not included in these prices.

Whoever comes up with the clever ways and means items for this vendor has done an outstanding job!! The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Twin Cities has some of the cutest Berner items!!!


Shopping at the 2006 Specialty May 20, 2006 - Part 8

Web Site:




BERNEcessities is back this year with a great assortment of terrific goodies. "Draft Dogs" was incredibly popular and almost sold out at the Specialty by Tuesday. "The Three Laws of Berner Dynamics" and "Hockey Berner" also were seen around the show site quite a bit. Of course you can also order the Berner University items there, too. A new design, "Back Seat Drafter" featuring a berner puppy riding in the back of a draft cart, was debuted at the Specialty and was a big hit, too!

You don't have to miss out if you weren't in Frankenmuth for the Specialty - you can order everything featured at the Nationals on line! Visit the club website at: and click on the club store link. Ordering is safe and secure and your items will arrive without Berner Fur - guaranteed!!

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Twin Cities donated a "Hamburgler" Poster, at the Pond Post Cards and an "I Love my Bernese Mountain Dog" Bumper Sticker.

What a nice array of lovely items were to be found at today's vendor!!!


Shopping at the 2006 Specialty May 21, 2006 - Part 9

Carol Ganz
4965 Franktown Road
Washoc Valley,
NV 89704
Home: (775) 885-7990
Cell: (775) 315-0900

And Elke Adair
16555 Red Rock Road
Reno, NV 89506
Home: (775) 969-3140
Cell: (775) 742-7206


Monets Gallery

The goal of Monet's Gallery is to find or make items that are not available from the major vendors and clubs. Customers can also order many of their items customized with the buyer's dogs. This year they presented the Monet's Gallery line of notecards, note papers and matted prints. Other items available include: Berner/dog and Swiss theme jewelry, material and ribbon trim by the yard, blankets, pillows, hand made scarves, hats and gloves, and magnets. Sue Morril's Berner Pawz t-shirts were also sold at their booth. By the way, Sue's e-mail is: if you'd like to order from Sue. Monet's Gallery does try to keep all prices at a very reasonable level.

Small note cards: $1.50 each; 3 for $4.25; 6 for $8.00

Large note cards: $2.00

Small note pads: $1.00

Large note pads: $1.50

Matted prints ranges from $3.00 to $8.00

Jewelry items from $5.00 to $30.00

Material: $6.50 per yard

Ribbon trim: $2,50 to $4.50 per yard

Blankets and Pillows from $10.00 to $20.00 each

Hats, scarves, gloves: $15.00 each

Small Berner Figurines: $4.50 and $7.50

Sue's t-shires: $15.00

They don't have a web site yet, but I can tell you that their items were very nice!!

They donated some note cards, note pads and a matted print set to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

If you like "yummy colors" then you're going to love this vendor!!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 22, 2006 ~ Part 10

2261 N. 1137 Road Eudora,
KS 66025
Phone: (785) 331-8028
Web Site:


I just love the selection of colors for the items from this club: carrot, celery, denim, goldenrod, hemp, mocha, nautical red, periwinkle, smoke, washed plum, watermelon and yam!!! They have great heavy canvas pigment dyed bags for toting dog and people stuff. Their cinch sack is $25 and their backpack is $30. Short sleeve T-shirts are $25, long sleeve T-shirts are $30, sweatshirts are $40 and hooded sweatshirts are $45. Microfiber, nylon and denim jackets are $50. Men's and women's twill shirts are $45 and denim shirts are $40. Polo shirts run $40 or $45. The logo for the items are the heart shaped berner logo and you can have the "Bernese Mountain Dogs, Champions of the Heart" logo for no additional charge. For a $5 charge, you can have your kennel name embroidered above the logo. They also have hand-blown glass bead bracelets, necklaces and eyeglass lanyards. You really need to visit their website to see these luscious colors and items:

The Heartland BMD Club donated a "Put Your Heart Into It" blue long sleeve shirt (size Large) to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

Today's featured vendor was a place to buy practical things for your Berners! He has a lot of very nice items!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 23, 2006 - Part 11

HARRY "O" SALES Harry Ortego
P. O. Box 16027
OH 45216
Phone: (513) 542-9933
Fax: (513) 542-9935
Web Site under construction:

HARRY "O" SALES Harry Ortego

HARRY "O" SALES Harry Ortego

HARRY "O" SALES Harry Ortego

This is only a small sampling of the wonderful items that Harry "O" Sales has to offer:

Brushes: $7 to $35; and even up to $110

Case of Bil Jac: $14

Nylon Leads: $4.25 to $12.95

Leather Leads: $10.95 to $15.95 Shampoos: $7.45 to $12.95;

Gallons of Shampoo: $23.95 to $40.00

Plush Toys: $5.50 to $15.00

Buckets (1, 2, 4 and 6 quart Round): $8.95 to $27.00

Buckets (1, 2 and 4 quart Flat): $10.95 to $18.95

A colorful collar on a Berner looks terrific!! When there is a matching leash, it's even better! You're going to love these collars and leashes!!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 24, 2006 Part 12

Debby Fitch
98 Settlers Drive
ME 04640
Phone: (207) 422-3764
Web Site:

The Truman Collar

The Truman Collar

The Truman Collar specializes in custom made collars and leashes to suit your dog and personal style. Debby has a large selection of edelweiss and other Swiss trims for your collars and leashes. The collars and leashes are not only beautiful, but are also affordable. Here are the prices:

Fabric Buckle Collars - $10
Fabric Martingale Collars - $12
Trim Buckle and Martingale Collars - $15
Fabric Leashes - $15 (any size requested, up to 6 feet)
Trim Leashes - $20
Swiss Trim Bandanas - $10 (50% goes to Berner Rescue)

Debby donates 25% of every collar and leash sold to the Morris Animal Foundation to fund research on hemolytic anemia. To date, Debby has donated $5,078 to the fund in loving memory of her sweet Truman.

Debby donated a gift certificate for one dog collar and one matching leash of the winner's choice for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

This vendor had treats sitting out as samples ? the sign said that they were made from human grade ingredients, so I sampled one. It was quite tasty and the dogs that sampled them seemed to like them, too!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 25, 2006 - Part 13

Lucy Sanders
767 W. Davis Road
MI 48843
Phone: (866) 481-0733 or (517) 552-7865
Fax: (866) 481-0733
Web Site:

Cosmos Bakery

Cosmos Bakery

Cosmo's Canine Bakery is proud of the best natural, wholesome treats for your furry friends. There are no artificial preservatives or flavors added to ther treats. Vitamin E is used as a natural preservative and also helps prevent muscle tissue breakdown. They have two new Training Treats that are just the right size for puppies or older dogs in training sessions. Both have a strong flavor and aroma, but are not filling. You have a choice of their ever popular Peanut Butter recipe and a new Tasha's Beefy Cheese variety. They can also provide these treats in a softer, chewy style if you contact them by phone or email. Their all natural treats come in flavors of peanut butter, beefy cheese, chicken and wheat free apple oat. ½ pound packages are $5.00 and 1 pound packages are $9.00. They also have a new product, "Love Your Coat," which is a food supplement used to promote healthy skin and luxurious coat.

For the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser, they are donating a basket full of treats!!

I always enjoy talking to this vendor and her Swiss items are terrific!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty May 26,2006 Part 14

Mary Dawn DeBriae
307 East Colorado Avenue
P. O. Box 823
CO 81435
Phone: (970) 728-4433 or (408) 506-7998
Web Site:





Alpen Schatz has been importing the "original," handcrafted Swiss collars for Berners for many years. Their Swiss collars include both the traditional collars with cows and shepherds, as well as collars featuring the Alpine Edelweiss flower. Alpen Schatz recently opened it's first Alpine Botique Store in Telluride, Colorado. In addition to the traditional Swiss collars, belts and cow bells, the Botique offers traditional Lederhosen, Dirndls, hats and jewelry, including the popular scarf + ornament sets. Alpen Schatz is also the exclusive importer of Voglauer handpainted custome 17th century furniture from the Alps.

Their belts are all handmade by Appenzeller craftsmen, using fine leather and then adorned with either silver or brass alpine decorations. Prices are from $69.95 to $79.95. They carry soft silk scarves, imported from the Italian Alps and decorated with traditional Edelweiss flowers for $16. The rustic Edelweiss scarf ornaments are also $16. Scarf and ornament sets are $30. They carry Swiss clothing and theirn new Alpine Fleece Jacket, which is decorated with Edelweiss is $100. Alpine key rings are $8 to $10. Cowbells are worn by the alpine cattle when left to graze in alpine meadows and come in all shapes and sizes and range in price from $10 to $69.95. Larger bells can be special ordered. They have a selection of stuffed Bernese Mountain Dogs ranging from $16.95 to $250! You really need to visit their web site to see the beautiful items they have. Alpen Schatz ships nationwide and phone and internet orders are welcome.

Alpen Schatz donated a gorgeous Alpine Fleece jacket, decorated with Edelweiss in size yard.

Today's vendor does gorgeous artwork of your Berner on items that you will all want to have!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty June 5,2006 ~ Part 15

Ingrid Hubbard
973 Cole Road
Ohio 43119
Phone: (614) 878-9017
Fax: (614) 878-9017
Web Site:






This was the first year for Studio H to have a booth at the speciality. All Studio H's items are hand crafted by Ingrid Hubbard and are unique. Although Berners are featured, Ingrid is now branching out to other breeds, including Goldens, Swissies, Frenchies, Whippets, Newfoundlands and many more. She will be coming out with some new items in her line soon, so be sure to check her web site frequently to see the new breeds and items, and spread the word!

Her lovely necklaces are hand crafted, making each piece a unique work of art. The hair on the small heads is individually engraved into the polymer clay before baking. The heads are then painted with four coats of paint and sprayed with a sealer. The combination of the necklaces and heads cannot be repeated and is limited to the stock on hand. Similar necklaces can be custom ordered in colors you specify.

Pendants ($65) ~ The beautiful pendants are individually hand-painted from a photograph of your dog. Painted on agate, natural stone or glass, each pendant is sure to cause attention at your next dog show. The pendants are about 2-1/2 inches long, depending upon the stone or agate. Agates and stones come in many colors, including, green, blue, black, hot pink and natural. I have a gorgeous pendant of Nicky that Ingrid did last year for me and every time I wear it, I get compliments, even from non-dog people!

Custom-Made Wood Signs ($25) ~ These signs are 12 inches by 5.5 inches, and have a beautiful Berner head study on the left. You can choose from 87 sayings or put your dog's name and title on it, or any other saying you'd like.

Shirts ($100,) Jackets ($150) and Day Cases ($70): These items are hand painted from a photograph of your dog. All shirts include the pocket treatment and paw prints on the front. Jackets include the picture on the back and embellishments on the front. The day cases can be ordered in black, blue or red.

This vendor designed a quilt and pillow cases, which are stunning and a must have item for all berner owners. Ingrid will also paint your Berner on a necktie ($45.)

Ingrid will donate one of her items for the 2007 Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser

When you see someone wearing a Diane Wat Berner tee shirt you take special notice. Chances are that they bought it from Nancy Stewart!!


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty June 6,2006 ~ Part 16

Nancy Stewart
8650 E. Wood Drive
AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 443-8824 or (602) 315-1281

Tails R Us

Tails R Us

Tails R Us

I just love the Diane Wat hand painted shirts that Nancy Stewart carries. They are so unusual and everyone comments on them! She has the "I'm Not Listening" short sleeve tee in watermelon for $46, the "Personal Trainer" short sleeve tee in purple for $46 and the Berner with sunglasses long sleeve tee in bright blue for $48. The set of 6 Berner head study notecards for $12 are great ? inside it says, "Beware of Dog Breath."

Nancy is donating a Diane Wat tee shirt for the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

It's always nice to see Janet Wissmann at the Specialty. Her limited edition prints are so beautiful.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty June 7, 2006 ~ Part 17

Janet Wissmann
42646 Hungry Ridge Road
Soldiers Grove,
WI 54655
Phone: (608) 624-5511
Web Site:

Janet Wissman WatercoloursJanet Wissman Watercolours

Janet Wissman began painting commissioned dog watercolors in 1982. She captures the personalities of the dogs she paints and provided the owners with a wonderful timeless memory of their special dog. Janet will do original watercolor dog or pet portraits and she has a lovely selection of signed and numbered limited edition prints. She also has notecards of her paintings. My favorite berner print of Janet's is "A Very Special Pleader.", see above Top L. You can order "montages," a matted grouping of Berner art. You really should visit her website to see the wonderful detail that she gives to her paintings.

Janet Wissman has donated 3 limited edition 11/14 matted prints to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

I am always happy to see Eve Lapolla at any Berner event and usually end up buying several items from her. Eve always has several tables full of beautiful Berner items and a big crowd looking and buying things from her.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty June 8, 2006 ~ Part 18

Eve Lapolla
5599 Olentangy River Rd.
Ohio 43235
Phone: (800)227-0914, access code 16 or (614) 451-0914
Fax: (800)227-0914, access code 16, push *,5,1
Web site:

By Jove

By Jove

By Jove

By Jove

By Jove

By Jove

By Jove

Eve Lapolla started By Jove approximately ten years ago out of desperation. When she got her first Berner, she would shop the dog shows and pet stores for Berner "stuff" but was not able to find much of anything that had a Bernese Mountain Dog on it. She decided to create her own little niche for Berner lovers and By Jove was created.

Eve has more Berner products than any other vendor I have ever seen and I've bought a lot of things from her and love them all! She carries aprons, artwork, barrettes, baseball caps, bibs, bowls, cabinet knobs, canister sets, cell phone covers, checkbook covers, clocks, cookie jars, door mats, garden flags, glasses, golf club head covers, house tiles, imported plates, jewelry, jewelry boxes, kid's items (which aren't very easy to find,) light switch covers, mirrors, puzzles, music boxes, nesting dolls, night shirts, ornaments, pants, pitchers, plates, playing cards, purses, shelf sitters, shirts, shorts, slippers, snow globes, soap dishes, socks, stained glass, statues, sun catchers, sweatshirts, throws, ties, tiles and trivets, totes, towels, toys, umbrellas, walking sticks, wallets, wallpaper borders, watches, weather vanes, wine glasses, wreaths and a whole lot more!!! Eve has Berner produces to fit everyone's budget and it's all nice!!!

You have to visit her web site, it is full of wonderful Berner things. You'll be happy you did!~

Eve has donated several of her great items to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty 2006 ~ Part 19

Heart of Michigan BMDC
Nancy Galunas
1930 Connolly Dr.
MI 48098-2419
Web Site:

Heart of Michigan BMDC

Heart of Michigan BMDC

Heart of Michigan BMDC

Heart of Michigan BMDC

The Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club has a nice variety of items featuring their HeartCart design: long and short t-shirts ($22,) pins ($6,) candy dishes ($5) and coffee mugs ($10.) They also have Swiss bells ($10,) Christmas cards (8 cards for $10,) a wonderful cookbook (Cooking With All Four Berners) with yummy recipes for both dogs and humans ($10) and matching note cards with drawing from the cookbook (9 cards for $10.)

Be sure to check out their web site It is full of wonderful Berner things.

The Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club donated a long-sleeved tee-shirt to the 2007 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

I am delighted to add the Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club as a vendor from this year's Specialty in Frankenmuth! This is an active club who puts on a marvelous Specialty each year which draws about 200 entries! Their members are from Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania.


Shopping at the 2006 BMDCA Specialty June 17, 2006 ~ Part 20

Joel Mazelis
2161 Marymont Road
Silver Spring,
MD 20906
Phone: (301) 598-8553

Potomac Valley BMDC

Potomac Valley BMDC

Potomac Valley BMDC

This club always has very nice Berner items. Here is a list of some of their offerings: Hooded Raincoat ($40,) Baseball Cap ($15,) T-Shirts ($20,) Aprons ($20,) Leather Cehckbook Cover with Berners ($27,) Quilt ($80,) BMD Crossing Signs ($17,) BMD Patrol Signs ($18,) BMD Trailer Hitch Covers with Maria and Jack Crifasi's Berner Angel Buddy on them ($16,) Doormats ($26,) Leash Rack ($38,) Berner Beds (especially good for senior citizen Berners ($55) and Brooch ($18.) You'll definitely want to visit their website to see their wonderful items.

Today's vendor is the last write up I have from the vendors from this year's specialty.

Happy Shopping!

Joye Neff and Nicky (and Ben)
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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