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This vendor always had people at their booth and they were very generous with their samples.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 11
Sunday ~ May 11, 2008 ~ Mothers' Day

Oma's Pride
Camlyn Miller-Stevens and Carolyn Miller-Stevens
308 Sach Road
Avon, CT 06001
Phone: (860) 673-3258
Toll Free Phone: (800) 678-OMAS
Fax: (860) 673-6454
E-Mail: Miller.food@snet.net
Website: www.omaspride.com

Oma's Pride is a complete line of pre-prepared raw food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their dogs. They fresh-freeze ground meat/bone products and use fresh quick blanched then flash frozen vegetables, which breaks down the hard to digest initial cellulose layer, kills bacteria, salmonella and allows your dog to absorb the maximum of nutrients. They carry Oma's Pride Mixes (chicken, turkey, beef and lamb) and a variety of meats (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, buffalo, venison, ostrich, rabbit, duck, kangaroo and salmon.) Their easy-to-use mixes contain ground meat/bone, ground organ meats and ground vegetables. There are no additives or preservatives in their products, and you maintain complete control over the supplements and extras your dog receives. Their products are distributed in most states. You really should go to their website to see the variety of products they have and their pricing. Here is the website: www.omaspride.com

I brought home a bag full of samples for Nicky to try and he is enjoying his special treats! I just wish that I could have brought home some of their raw bones for Nicky, but since I had a long drive, I couldn't bring them home to him.

Oma's Pride donated a big bag of their products for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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This vendor has such a cool thing to sell!!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty - Part 12
Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflect and Glow
Chris Luginbuhl
143 Ellington Road
Tolland, CT 06084
Phone: (860) 872-2292
E-Mail: reflectandglow@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.re-glo.com

You really need to see the item that this vendor had at the Specialty. It makes so much sense to use these when you walk your Berner at dusk and at night ~ reflective leash and collar sleves for safety at dusk and at night - $13. They also have reflective stretch bands for owners, bikers and joggers for $16. The sleeve can also be put on backpacks, fanny packs, canes and used also as baseball cap reflectors. This is truly one of those items that when you see it you think, why didn't someone think of that years ago!!! Here is the website so you can check it out: www.re-glo.com

Reflect and Glow donated 10 sets of reflect leash and collar sleevers for our 2009 Berner-Garde and other fundraisers.

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It's always fun to shop at the regional club booths. They always have such neat things to buy.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty - Part 13
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northeastern Illinois
15738 Miller Road
Plano, IL 60545
Phone: (630) 552-3604
E-Mail: mdom91@aol.com
Website: www.bmdcni.org

What fun to see the great things that this club had to sell. Their 8 inch bone magnets in silver or gold with black trim are just $6. You can get various words on the bone: Agility Berner, Obedience Berner, Conformation Berner, Draft Berner, Rally Berner, Tracking Berner or Herding Berner. Other wording can be done by special request. Travel mugs with a smiling Berner are $6 and travel tumblers with a smiling Berner are also $6. They had wonderful full size sheets in blue, cream or tan with a Mary Garbe Swiss Farmhand Design. Their T-shir with Mary Garbe Swiss Farmhand design comes in heather green with dark green trim or heather gray with black trim for $16 ($18 for 2XL.)

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This was one of the first vendors that I visited and I came away with a bag of purchases.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 14
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kelp Products of Florida, Inc.
Karen Lehman
7912 Rutillio Court
New Port Richey, FL 34653
Phone: (727) 992-3313
Fax: (727) 842-5047
E-Mail: kelpproduc@aol.com
Website: www.kelpproductsofflorida.com

What a fun place to shop. I found not only Berner items, but also some German Shorthair and Chocolate Lab items for my husband and my son and family.

Intarsia is a mosaic of different woods intricately carved and fit together. The Intarsia wood full body Berners are gorgeous ($175) and the head studies are just beautiful ($150.) She carries stain glass heads ($49.95,) Fan Lamps ($95,) Circles ($130,) windows ($400 plus) and stepping stones (95.) The night lights are $24.95, Suncatchers ($18.95) Cutting boards ($29.95,) lamps ($49.95.) The dog dolls are adorable ($85.) Ornaments are $19.95, key chains, luggage tags or zipper pulls are $6.95 each. The Berner Rose Pins are $39.95. As the name implies, they carry Norwegian Kelp supplements for your Berners. Norwegian kelp contains over 12 vitamins, 60 major and trace chelated minerals and 20 key amino acids. Their website states that their "Vetarian Blend and Vegetarian Blend & Garlic helps to improve the general health, appears to influence the immune system reducing stress and increasing stamina, helps improve condition of skin, improves condition of coat or feathers and reduce shedding, helps allergy symptoms, reduces pain from arthritis, helps restore natural pigmentation, influences the proper functioning of the thyroid, helps fertility, regulates weight and appetite by enhancing your pet's food utilization." Their products come in 1 pound to 30 pound sizes.

Kelp Products of Florida donated a 2 pound Vegetarian Blend and Garlic ($34.50) to our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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When I saw the name of this vendor, I immediately thought of "All Things Bright and Beautiful" but then I looked more closely and that wasn't what it was. It is "All Things Bright & Biothane." Biothane? What is that, you ask? I had to go to my dictionary to see what it really meant ? it is a durable strap good created by coating a nylon strap of many widths with urethane. It won't absorb perspiration and is easy to clean by just hosing it off. It keeps its flexibility even in subzero temperatures. So, now you know what biothane is ? you will have to check out the bright colors of the biothane collars, leashes and harnesses.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty - Part 15
Thursday, May 15, 2008

All Things Bright & Biothane
Martha McCormick & Debra Metcalf-Morris
121 Gates Road
Lebanon, CT 06249
Phone: (860) 428-3158
Fax: (860) 456-8881
E-mail: Inquiries@AllThingsBiothane.com
Website: www.AllThingsBiothane.com

You have to check out the website: www.AllThingsBiothane.com to see the very colorful collars, leashes and custom made adjustable tracking, sledding and carting harnesses. They have the look and feel of leather, but are washable, mildew resistant and you will love the bright colors ? bright red, purple, orange, pink, royal blue, forests green, as well as black and brown. They carry collar bells, harness swinger bells and Berner Harness Brasses. In addition to the Biothane items, they also carried beautifully embroidered Berner clothing, jackets, vests and totes. They had items made up especially for the Specialty and when they are all sold they will be gone, so you might want to check out their stock and buy them now!

All Things Bright & Biothane is going to send me some items for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

{short description of image}

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I have always loved Dee Craig's artwork ~ you can tell that she knows Berners because she captures their softness and their wonderfully caring eyes.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 16
Friday, May 16, 2008

Animal Artworks, LLC
Dee Craig
6830 McCabes Corner Road
Snow Hill, MD 21863
Phone: (410) 632-4989 or (410) 430-1338
Fax: (410) 632-4989
E-Mail: AnimalArtworks@aol.com
Website: www.hometown.aol.com/dogsart

You really need to go to Dee's website to see the wonderful Berner items she has painted. You will love them!!! Dee has put together a line of affordable, functional and decorative items for Berner lovers. For something truly special, you may request a portrait or a personalized hand painted item. She has ceramic tiles with cork on the back plus a ribbon for hanging ($25.) Her wooden clock has a quartz time piece (12 inches - $60; 9 inches - $50.) Porcelain mugs have a design all around the mug and are $12; the wooden jewelry box with ceramic 5x5 tile ($35) or 5x9 ($45;) hand painted fine quality leather goods ~ bags, purses, wallets are $65 and up. Her darling cookie jars with artwork on the front are $35. Four 4x4 coasters are just $16. She has address books ($12) a daily memo book ($6) small travel diaries and notebooks ($10) and pocket size address books ($5.) Note cards (set of 8) are just $10. I just love her small toy chest (17x13x22) for $150. Her jewelry chest (8x12x7) is $75. You'll just love browsing around on her website and you can pick up some very nice gifts for your friends.

Dee Craig donated a beautiful Berner Cutting Board for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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What a delightful booth this vendor had!!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 17
Saturday, May 17, 2008

EbbTide Design
Cindy Capillo
173 Sayles Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Phone: (508) 764-2164
E-Mail: ccapillo@ebbtidedesign.com
Website: www.ebbtidedesign.com

EbbTide Design has beautiful Bamboo Tile Necklaces for $48 with handmade tile designs strung with quality beads. Their lavender sachets ($12) have witty quotes and are filled with French lavender that smells so good! She carries small purses ($30) handmade with gorgeous images of Bernese Mountain Dogs. I love her handmade tissue holders ($10) with Berners on them, of course. Glitter cards ($6) are handmade with blank inside with lots of glitter surrounding beautiful Berner heads. You will definitely want to go to the website and see the wonderful boat and ship items that are also available. www.ebbtidedesign.com

Cindy donated a beautiful necklace for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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This is a sweet vendor!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 18
Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ginger's Cookies
Virginia Fleming
P. O. Box 475
W. Warren, MA 01092
Phone: (413) 436-5222
E-Mail: info@gingerscookies.com
Website: www.gingerscookies.com

These Berner Cookies are almost too pretty to eat, but they are tasty, too!! Ginger's Cookies ($4) are homemade sugar cookies using the best natural ingredients decorated with a pure vanilla citrus icing and sparkling sugar. She has a Berner Cookie in a Box ($5) too. They are delicious and just way cute!!! What a nice gift they make for your Berner friends.

Don't leave your Berners out ~ Ginger's Cookies can also be ordered in the Canine Variety, which are made fresh with human grade ingredients. They come in four flavors: plain, bacon & beef, chicken and peanut butter. Your Berner will LOVE them!

Ginger's Cookies donated two Berner Sugar Cookies to the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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Nashoba Valley always has such awesome items for their booth! In addition, the shelving for their displays really allows you to find items and different sizes easily!! What a club!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 19
Monday, May 19, 2008

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley
Paws N Shop
Linda Botti
84 Kings Point Road
West Bath, ME 04530
E-Mail: shop@bmdcnv.org
Website: www.bmdcnv.org/shop

The Nashoba Valley Club features the most creative and unique Bernese Mountain Dog apparel, gifts and accessories around! The people who pick out the items for the club deserve a round of applause!!! Here is a list of some of the wonderful Berner Items:

Handmade Acrylic Jewelry ~ Berner Lapel Pins ($10,) Berner Pins ($17.50,) Angel Pins ($22,) Scupper Pins ($12.50,) Berner Earrings ($17.50,) Carting Dog Pin ($25.), Berner Charm Pins ($25,) or Carting Dog Charm Pin ($35): includes choice of 3 charms (obedience, agility, conformation, rally, Bern Flag, Swiss Flag, Q ribbon, placement ribbons, title charms, etc.)

Pewter Jewelry ~ Hand-painted Berner Pin ($25,) 24K Gold Covered Berner Pin ($15,) Antique Pewter Berner Pin ($8,) Antique Pewter Berner Key Chain ($7.)

Clothing ~ Extended sizes available in most items. Denim Jacket ($60,) Denim Shirts ($32.50,) Embroidered Sweatshirt ($60,) Embroidered Sport Shirt (ladies and mens sizes) ($30,) Embroidered Ladies Stretch T ($29,) Embroidered 3 Button Henley ($30,) Embroidered 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts (ladies and mens sizes) ($54.50,) Carting Dog T's ($20 and up.)

Infant/Toddler Clothing ~ Embroidered T ($12.50/3 for $30,) Embroidered Zip Hoodie ($34.50)

Accessories ~ Embroidered Cap ($20,) Embroidered Woven Hat ($22.50,) Embroidered Canvas Outback Hat ($28.50,) Berner Head Tote Bag ($22.50,) Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag Large ($80) and Mini ($60) ~ hand wipe clean, many colors to choose from and you can even personalize it!,

Gift Ideas for home, office, kennel and travel ~ Embroidered Travel Blanket, Golf Umbrella ($30,) Travel Umbrella ($18,) Luggage Tags (2 for $12,) Key/Leash Holder ($20,) Puppies Mug (4 for $32,) Plush Puppies ($8.50,) Weathervane ($58,) License Plate Trim ($17.50,) Berner Beans Gourmet Coffee ($14.50) in Colombian, Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Decaf ~ Autoship Available! Holiday Ornaments ($17.50,) Greeting Cards ($12.50,) and Holiday Slate ($25.)

For Your Berner ~ Collar and Leash ($18.50) Swiss-inspired Hearts and Edelweiss, Nautical, Seasonal and Holiday, Monogrammed Bandana ($7.50,) Rope Tug ($9.50.)

The Nashoba Valley Club donated a beautiful denim jacket for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

{short description of image} {short description of image}

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I always enjoy shopping at Mary Dawn's Boutique ? it really is a bit of Switzerland in the USA!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 20
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alpen Schatz Boutique
Mary Dawn DeBriae
P. O. Box 823
307 E Colorado Ave
Telluride, Colorado 81435
Phone: 888-88ALPEN +1-970-728-4433
Fax: 888-88ALPEN +1-303-484-3612
E-Mail: Marydawn@alpenschatz.com
Web Site: www.alpenschatz.com

Mary Dawn always has such beautiful Swiss items and she always looks so lovely in her Swiss outfits! Her shop in Telluride, CO is called Schaussi's Alpen Schatz, which translates to Schaussi's Alpine Treasure, and that is indeed what it is! She offers exclusive alpine handicrafts imported from the original craftsmen from the heart of Switzerland, Italy and the Australian Alps. Here are some of the items that she features:

Handcrafted Swiss Dog Collars with brass or metal cows ($89 to $139) NEW Red Swiss Cross Collars ($115) ? there are really neat!! Handcrafted Swiss Carting Harness made of Leather & Felt ($425) Swiss Brandy Kegs (that yes, really pour!) 0.5 or 1 liter (From $195 up) Unique Swiss Watches with Deer antler or edelweiss finish ($145) Italian Edelweiss Silk Scarves and Scarf Ornaments ($44 for a set) Authentic Dirndl's, Lederhosen, Alpine shirts, socks, shoes ? you've got to go to her website to see the darling Dirndl's and Lederhosen for kids!! Swiss Wooden block puzzles with Bernese and other country scenes. ($20-$65) Berner Key rings ($12) Custom Painted Portraits & Cards by Stevie Decker ? www.steviedecker.com Sterling Silver Edelweiss Earrings ($38) Darling Yodeling and Accordion Playing Marmots ($32)

There are many more items on Mary Dawn's website so be sure to visit the site now: www.alpenschatz.com

Mary Dawn donated a very nice Swiss Berner Wooden Puzzle to our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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This is a really great vendor and I have several items from them. I bought a jacket from Gone Doggin four years ago and every time I wear it, people rave about it!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 21
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gone Doggin
Susan Osher
14796 Dove Road
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Phone: (530) 477-5925
Fax: (530) 477-2792
E-Mail: gonedoggin@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.gonedoggin.com

Gone doggin carries unique and useful collectables for the Berner Lover. They have lovely Berner throws ($89.95) and they use the throws to make the jackets and vests. In fact, when I bought my jacket, I was able to choose the scenes that I wanted on the front and back of my jacket. The tapestry table runners ($50) are just gorgeous, as are the place mats ($50,) with each place mat a different scene. You'll definitely want to buy one of their tapestry purses and handbags. The pillows ($39) and tapestry wall hangings ($39) are also beautiful. You'll love their berner tiles which are suitable for trivets or for tiling. They also carry Berner cutting boards ($35,) cheese boards, switch plate covers (Single - $12.95 and Double - $14.95,) bell pull ($30,) car mats, jewelry boxes and music boxes ($58 to $75.)

Gone Doggin donated a really nice Berner Car Mat for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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Bil Jac treats are great to use when training your Berner - Nicky is very food motivated and is very attentive when I get out the Bil Jac treats!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 22
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bil Jac Pet Foods
Bil Jac of New England
3337 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256 Toll Free
Phone: (800) 321-1002, ext. 305
Cell Phone: (330) 441-1259
Fax: (978) 632-2578
E-Mail: cindy4biljac@yahoo.com
Website: www.biljac.com

With a theme of "Celebrating 60 years of superior nutrition...with integrity" it's easy to see that this company has been in business for a lot of years and they have a lot of satisfied customers. They state, "America's Freshest Dog Food." "Our fresh meat proteins deliver optimum digestibility, dense bone and luxurious coat. Our patented process protects the critical amino acids that protect your Berner's health and resistance to disease."

They carry a large breed formulat that helps keeps your Berner's joints healthy with glucosamine and chondroitin. Their breeder program features direct delivery, wholesale price and puppy pacs. Call Cindi Doyle at (800) 321-1002, ext. 305, for more information. Be sure to check out the website at: www.biljac.com

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Of course the BMDCA Ways and Means was a very popular place at the Specialty. They have the most wonderful clothing!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 23
Friday, May 23, 2008

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
Ways and Means
Dottie Schulte
1943 Montview Drive
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 392-1806
E-Mail: DottieS911@aol.com
Website: bmdca.org

The BMDCA Ways and Means booth had t-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, jackets, golf shirts, rain jackets and scrubs and with the BMDCA logo on them. They had some cardigans that were sooooo soft and they were in such lovely colors, too.

The BMDCA has a list of publications that you really should check out on their website: www.bmdca.org

They have the 2007 Yearbooks (you can also buy previous Yearbooks ($42 to $48,) a CD of the 1968 to 2000 Yearbooks ($85,) Illustrated Standards ($8,) Draft Regulations ($2) and The Bernese Mountain Dog Handbook ($1.50.) The Breed Panel Discussion DVD is awesome, and a must see for Berner Lovers. They also have a BMDCA logo decal for your car (2) and a darling 11 inch stuffed Berner ($12.)

The BMDCA donated three items for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser: BMDCA Messenger Bag, a BMDCA CD Case and a BMDCA Convertible Bag Pack.

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When I saw the sign on this booth, I wondered how I could feature this photographer when she couldn't take photos of all of your dogs from Massachusetts, but then I discovered that she has some great other items!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 24
Saturday, May 24, 2008

Karen Hocker Photography & Design Studie
Karen Hocker
2 Alcott Street
Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: (781) 275-5451
Fax: (781) 275-5451
E-Mail: info@karenhocker.com
Website: www.karenhocker.com

Karen founded Karen Hocker Photography in 2001, combining her lifelong love of animals and her fascination with photography. Karen carries Bernese Mountain Dog Pet Art Berner Headshot T-shirts ($16.99) available on t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women and children. She has "Bark if you Love Berners" in white and gray sweatshirts or on t-shirts, totes and more. Her Bernese Mountain Dog Greeting Cards (set of 10 for $18.99) are great and the illustrations can also be placed on t-shirts, totes, sweatshirts, mugs, etc. "Love My Berner" dark t-shirts ($22.99) and "I Love My Bernese Mountain Dog" t-shirts are also very nice.

Karen is sending a Bernese Mountain Dog Note Cards, a mug and a t-shirt for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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A cart made by the Wilczeks is a treasured heirloom!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 25
Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wilczek Woodworks
Bill Wilczek and Barbie Beck-Wilczek
1786 Broomstick Hill Road
Littleton, NH 03561
Phone: (603) 444-0824
E-mail: barbieandbill@wilczekwoodworks.com
Website: www.wilczekwoodworks.com

Bill and Barbie make fine quality wooden carts and wagons for Berners. Their product line includes harnesses, instructional books and other carting related equipment. Check out their website at: www.wilczekwoodworks.com to see the Photo Gallery. The have everything from an inexpensive starter kit to fine furniture grade wooden carts and wagons. They are sure to have what you want to enjoy your draft dog.

Bill and Barbie gave me a Fun with Draft Instructional Manual for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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Remember when you shop with the vendors to tell them that you saw their article on Joye Neff's Shopping at the 2008 Specialty series.


Joye Neff and Nicky
Berner Shopper
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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