11th Annual Berner-Garde
Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database
Autographed copy of
The Bernese Mountain Dog
Yesterday and Today

by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
English Text by Lindy Kunz

This new book gives English-speaking readers the first opportunity to have access to important facts about the breed which have only been available in other languages. The interesting history of the breed is described in great detail. With words and informative illustrations, it is shown how the Standard is to be interpreted, and how the individual traits should be considered in the show ring and in breeding. Particular attention is paid to the distinctive features of the temperament and behaviour of these former farm dogs, showing how their history has molded their character and behavior. The following chapters explain how a puppy develops mentally and physically with good advice on raising and general management, as well as life with the adult Berner today. The last chapter contains information about problems involved in the growth of the skeleton and how these can be influenced by nutrition and proper care of the puppy. The inclusion as an appendix, of the first complete translation of Professor Albert Heim´s text, “Die Schweizer Sennenhunde” published in 1914, makes this book particularly valuable. It will be the standard work on Bernese Mountain Dogs for many years to come.

Donated by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
and Lindy Kunz

WINNER: Nicole O'Brien

For further details http://bernese.biz/bernerbook.htm

(if you can't wait to win the book you can order it from Joye right now.)

#2 Custom Built Berner Dog Cart

Donated by Stewart's Dog Carts

See also Joe's stall at the BMDCA Specialty 2011

WINNER: Peggy Rickenbach

#3 Berner Wood Janet Wissmann Collection Jewelry Box
(7 1/2 x 7 1/2)

Donated by Valerie Parlette www.bigtalldog.com

WINNER: Patty Gartmann

#4 Reuge Swiss Chalet Music Box"EDELWEISS"

This vintage Swiss Chalet music box made by REUGE is in excellent condition. There is a label on the bottom of the box next to the wind up key marked " REUGE, Swiss Musical Movement, Edelweiss". When the lid is opened exposing a small storage compartment the song "Edelweiss" plays and the water wheel turns. This darling little box just makes you feel good! Everytime I listen to it I find myself humming Edelweiss the rest of the day!

Donated by Roxanne Bortnick

WINNER: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle
#5 Vintage wood musical jewelry box,
made to look like an Alpine Chalet.

Open the roof and display a cute dancing ballerina in front of the mirror and she spins to the music. Nice red felt lining. Chalet complete with flower boxes at the window, bench and a rock pile on the porch. In good working condition (but I don't know the song playing). No damage and will be lovely on any dresser or vanity.
Approx.6" tall x 9 1/4! wide and 5 3.4" sides

Donated by Roxanne Bortnick

WINNER: Laurie Montoya
{short description of image}

See Joye's Will in the mirror!:-))

#6 "Bernese Encounter" print
by Michael Steddum
(8 1/2 x 11 1/2)


Donated by Bobbie Abern

WINNER: Lynn Reischel

#7 "The Bernese Mountain Dog"
by Diana Cochrane

One of the earliest books about the breed, Diana Cochrane has been breeding Bernese for nigh on 30 yrs so this book should be an asset for anyone interested in this lovely breed!

Donated by Jean Cheesman

WINNER: Barb Gowan

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#8 Berner Treat Jar.

There are different etchings all the way around the jar. It is a beautiful, large, heavy glass jar with a seal tight lid.

Hand etched and donated by Patti Finley


WINNER: Julie Feller

<click to see the enlarged images>

#9 Berner Paw Print Pendant
Series II - #16

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berners. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. This one is Series II # 16. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed. (Chain style may vary.)

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

(Brenda also sells these necklaces and 100% of the money goes back to BEHAF or some other Berner cause. The money is either donated or used to have more of these made to donate)

WINNER: Barb Wagner

#10 Vandenberg Snow Dog Berner Christmas Ornament
This is our newest ornament featuring the Bernese Mountain Dog which was handpainted by Jessie Vandenberg with a technique giving special dimensions on a round surface. The 3 1/2" diameter frosted glass ornament is hand blown Bohemian quality. Each is signed by the artist and individually painted exclusively for Berner Treasures

Donated by Jon Peck
Berner Treasures/Newf Emporium www.bernertreasures.com


WINNER: Catharine Yockell

#11 3 Berners in the Snow Poster
(24 x 18)

Donated by Susan Oristaglio www.susanophoto.com

WINNER: Donna Davids

#12 5 Gleeful Berners Poster
(24 x18)

Donated by Susan Oristaglio www.susanophoto.com

WINNER: Cheryl Thornton

Custom made Swiss design dirndl dog costumes for a Berner.

2 costumes have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

#13A Sized for a 90 pound female and

#13B Sized for a 75 pound female

Donated by Kathie Meier

?13A - WINNER: Adeline Maxim

'13B - WINNER: Denise Lauzon

for Kathie's girls in their costumes
<enlarge> <enlarge>


#14 Tapestry Purse
(11x8 1/2)

Donated by Gone Doggin

WINNER: Susan Wankner

#15 Berner Necklace

Donated by Maria Crifasi

WINNER: Jacqueline Schuck

#16 Cupcake Martingale
18" adjustable collar
by Maltipaws - Jennifer Sapp www.maltipaws.com

Donated by Bobbie Abern

WINNER: Barbara Morss

#17 Pink Camouflage Martingale
18" adjustable collar
by Maltipaws - Jennifer Sapp www.maltipaws.com

Donated by Bobbie Abern

WINNER: Barbara LeTourneau

#18 Hearts Martingale
18" adjustable collar
by Maltipaws - Jennifer Sapp www.maltipaws.com

Donated by Bobbie Abern

WINNER: Barbara LeTourneau

#19 Carole Towne Porcelain "Mush" Christmas Scene.

Donated by Maria Crifasi and Joye Neff

WINNER: Kathy Deyo

#20 Berner Potpourri:
4 Berner Coasters,
"The Blue Book of Dogs",
2 Berner Magnets, and
Dog Emery Board with Berner

Donated by Randi Leonard

WINNER: Carol McArthur

#21 Bernese Mountain Dog Pottery Dog Bowl
made by Ann Milligan

Donated by Pat Long

WINNER: Judy Benoit Pugh

#22 Farmer and Dog with broken tractor figurine
(4 1/2 x 4 1/2)

Donated by Anya Wittenborg

WINNER: Brittany Arruda

#23 Pro Plan T-Shirt (size XL) and Rose Candles

Donated by Maria Crifasi

WINNER: Lisa Edwards

#24 Framed "Climb Every Mountain" print

Donated by Maria Crifasi

WINNER: Dana Montero

#25 Black Berner Shorts

Donated by Jean and Terry Smith

WINNER: Lisa Baldwin


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