10th Annual Berner-Garde
Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database
Polar Fleece Hat and Mittons with Swiss Ribbon Decoration

Donated by Mary Dawn DeBriae
Alpen Schatz

WINNER: Nikki Walsh

Blue denim Embroidered Berner Puppy Shirt - size Large

Embroidered and donated by Pat Helmbold
Pat's Embroidery

WINNER: Timea Roman

Embroidered "BERNESE"
red T-shirt - size Medium

Donated by CKC Embroidery

WINNER: Patti Rosner


Embroidered "BERNESE"
red T-shirt - size Large

Donated by CKC Embroidery

WINNER: Melanie Lainey

"Make It a Dog Day Afternoon" Doggie Diaries Kit

Pattern panel, top fabric and binding (27x27)

Donated by Kim Shannon

WINNER: Mary Anderson


Backpack from the 2009 BMDCA Specialty in Portland, OR.

Donated by Anonymous

There are two backpacks, so two winners will be drawn.

2 WINNERS: Robin Daily and Bonnie Conrad

Pink Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Visor

Donated by Darcie Olson
Deer Island Creations

WINNER: Cheryl Thornton

Planter and Berner Statue
(2 3/4 inches tall)

Donated by Maureen Reilly

WINNER: Gwen Geis

Necklace and earrings

Donated by Maureen Reilly

WINNER: Maurine Hill

"For the Love of Berners"

A Collection of Limmericks, Haiku, Prose and Poetry

Contributions and musings from the Berner-l

There are 2 copies of the book so 2 winners will be drawn.

Donated by the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund (BEHAF)

2 WINNERS: Annette Wibert and Lelia Beakey

Swirly Sphere
(11 inches diameter)

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Roxanne Minor

2010 Specialty Sweatshirt
"Working Together"
size XL

Donated by the 2010 Specialty Committee

WINNER: Shari Curran

Berner head study glass dish

Donated by Madeleine Boucher -
Fantasy in Glass -

WINNER: Jacqueline Schuck

114. Dog Massage at the 2010 Specialty

Donated by Debbie Towndrow

WINNER: Annette Wibert

115. Tapestry Women's Jacket -
size Medium

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Krisztina Remenyi

116. Tapestry Women's Jacket -
size Large

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Loraine Paul

117. "I Love my Bernese Mountain Dog" Decal

Donated by the Twin Cities Bernese Mountain Dog Club and At the Pond Post Cards

WINNER: Carol Ganz and Elke Adair

118. Janet Wissmann matted and signed print (11x14)

Donated by Janet Wissmann

WINNER: Kathleen Shields

119. Janet Wissmann matted and signed print (14x11)

Donated by Janet Wissmann

WINNER: Ashley Champ

120. Janet Wissmann matted and signed print (11x14)

Donated by Janet Wissmann

WINNER: Carol Westaway

121. BMDCA Best of Breed Cotton Afghan (63x48)

Donated by the BMDCA

WINNER: Ashley Champ

122. Willem Wijnberg Berner print (2005)

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Peggy Franck

123. Two Cotton Canvas Embroidered Bernese Mountain Dog Totes
(15x16 and 12x13)

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Dawn Gibbs

124. Bernese Mountain Dog Embroidered Tan denin shirt -
size XL

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Lisbeth Plant

125. Warm fuzzy Schaussi's Alpen Schatz Jacket - size L

Donated by Mary Dawn DeBraie

WINNER: Lisbeth Plant

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