10th Annual Berner-Garde
Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database
2 framed Berner prints
(7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches)

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Sherry and Rob Hartung

Berner Tapestry Tote Bag

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Kayle Luthey

Child's Berner Coveralls -
size 24 months

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Lacey Anderson

Adult vest with drafting Berner -
size Medium

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Lynda Beltz

Grouping of 4 Berners
Head study, agility, drafting and stacked

All are 5x7

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Maria Crifasi

Beaded Earrings

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Kathy Edwards

Remington Hi Tech wireless audio and video security Camera

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Candy Konicki



Hand tooled leather /silver collar and leash

Heavy latigo leather colar and leash. The belt has an   Amber Canyon Buckle Set, and 5 amber Canyon concho's. The leash has 7 Concho's. The choncho's hand beautiful faux topaz stone is surrounded by a gold plate flower and rope edge with silver plate floral pattern and enameled black background. made for a large dog.

Made and donated by Brenda Broome


WINNER: Dawn Gibbs

Hand made leather hiking bell

Made and donated by Brenda Broome

These are high quality hiker bells, for back woods hikes. We make these here at the Trading Post. Made with custom made swiss sleigh bells. Made in the USA for us. They are on a key ring that is pulled onto a strap of leather. The leather snaps, making it possible for you to add anything else on to the ring or the leather strap. They have a snap hook on them that is heavy and sturdy for hooking on your jeans or backpack. The bell and hook are both solid brass. These are awesome bells with a wonderful tone. These would make a great gift! Also great to hang on your dog!


#1 of 200

WINNER: Kathy Worley

The Berner Paw Pendant

Designed by Brenda Broome and custom made to raise money for Berners.  It is hand made of sterling silver and inlaid stones by a silversmith. It is surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow.

Numbered item: #S1 - 11.

Donated by Brenda Broom


WINNER: Bernd Guenter



Soft paw print gray jacket -
size Large

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Maurine Hill

Long sleeve Gap child's T-shirt -
size 15 to 24 months.

Donated by Lilian Ostermiller

WINNER: Annette Wibert


Bernese Mountain Dog Tote
(14.5 x 15.5 inches)

Donated by Lilian Ostermiller

WINNER: Blue Ridge Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Paper Mache Bernese Mountain Dog (10 inches at the withers)

Donated by Kathy Edwards, Works of Wonder "Critters, Creatures and Other Creations"


WINNER: Rob and Sherry Hartung

Berner Tie Tac/Lapel Pin

Donated by Patt Wiegand

WINNER: Bob Laurenzano

Truman Collar and Leash

Made and donated by Debby Fitch

2 Gift Certificates were received so 2 winners will be drawn.


WINNERS: Jean Cheesman and Wendi Meyer


Booster Bath

Booster Bath® you will enjoy 360° access to your dog while grooming. Eliminate slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches and messy bathroom cleanups with the Booster Bath® portable home dog bathing bath tub. Meant for use indoors or outdoors, you can transform dog washing and bathing from a dreaded chore to a quick and simple task with the Booster Bath® elevated dog bathtub!

Donated by Alexis Smith

WINNER: Brenda Broome

2009 Berner-Garde Limited edition Herding Ornament

Donated by The Berner-Garde Foundation


WINNER: Kim Haddon

69. Berner and Dog Items
  • Fanfare Magazaine featuring article about Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback) and his Berner and Rottie.
  • 3 Pre-School Puzzles
  • Berner cloth bag
  • Berner emery board
  • Beaded bone
  • Soft small clutch purse

Donated by Julia Airgood
In Honor of Maddie who has been battling lung cancer since November 2008.

WINNER: Karen Doyle

70. Bernese Mountain Dog Iron-On Transfers

There are 6 sheets so 6 winners will be drawn

Donated by Anonymous

6 WINNERS: Gael Goldsack, Maurine Hill, Sue Thompson, Annie Bell, Dot Decker, and Didi Yontef

71. Eight 2006 Frankenmuth Specialty Note Cards

Donated by the 2006 Specialty

WINNER: Cindi Falcone

72. Red Wilczek Woodworks Siwash Harness

Donated by Bill and Barbie Wilczek - www.wilczekwoodworks.com

WINNER: Pat Tackett

73. "Autumn Leaves" - a book of poetry

Written, illustrated and donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Barb Gowan

74. Native American Berner Feather Painting / Smudging Fan

This gorgeous painted feather would be beautiful in a shadow box on the wall or just lying on a table. However it is a smudging fan. It is use when smudging. You burn sage or some other botanical in a abalone shell. The fan is used to direct the smoke where you want it to go. My customers expect me to smudge and offer prayers for the items I make before I ship them.

This is a fancy fan made with hand pained turkey feathers. I have a Cherokee man in Cherokee NC that hand paints them for me. The tall ones in back are painted to look exactly like Mature Golden Eagle features. The short ones with the black tips are hand painted to look like Golden eagle covert feathers. Then I have used several colors of feathers from a parrot. These colors are hard to come by and very expensive. I wrapped the handle with premium white deerskin leather and it has fringe that is hand twisted by Native Americans from out west. The beaded rosette is also hand beaded by registered Natives. I buy these two items from a third party so I don't have the artist name. The center feather is my own Zoie, painted by Artist Toby Martin.

If the winner would like to learn to smudge I will mail them free book called The smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander.I will include some free sage to burn with it. 

Donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Nell Ward

75. "Good-Bye My Friend" by Michele Lanci-Altomare

Donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Lelia Beakey

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