The 2010 BEHAF Fundraiser

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund)


The mission of the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund, or BEHAF, is to provide some financial assistance to the owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs throughout the world who are facing extensive and/or unexpected medical expenses for their dog due to catastrophic illness or accidental injury.


For more information about BEHAF

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Dates for this Fundraiser:

February 10th to May 15th

Ticket Prices:

Tier 1
$5 each...or
8 for $20...or
24 for $50
Tier 2
$1 each...or
6 for $5...or
30 for $20

Make the checks payable to "BEHAF"
Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Be sure to include a note telling Joye how to distribute your tickets for the drawing. Mail your checks and instructions to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881

(Please note, Joye has a NEW ZIP CODE!!)

Joye Neff can convert foreign cheques to US Dollars with no charge from her bank.

Make foreign cheques payable to "Joye M. Neff" and follow the above instructions.

The 2010 BEHAF Fundraiser

Tier 1 Items #A to L

Item #A

Keg with Hand Painted Berner and 2 Cups

(This is Brenda's Zoie on the keg)
The copper Rum cups are tin lined for safe drinking

Donated by Brenda Broome

Item #B

Berner Head Study Hand Painted on a Feather (16")

This is a Native American Smudge fan made with feathers hand painted to look like real eagle feathers, painted by a registered Cherokee in Cherokee NC. The base feathers are all parrot feathers. The beaded rosette is Native American Made in Texas but I do not have the makers information. The handle is covered in premium white deerskin and has a hand twisted fringe on the handle.

Donated by Brenda Broome

Item #C

Berner Drinking from a Hose -
Matted and framed photo (18x16)

Donated by Danielle Gershberg - this is a photo of her girl Hudson

Framed by Jill Shaeffer

Item #D

Berner in Motion
Matted and framed (20 1/2 x 16 1/2)

Donated by Anonymous

Item #E

Brew" by Artist Carol Pontin
Matted print #2 of 250 (14x11)

Donated by Pat Long

Item #F

Framed Lithograph of De-Li's Foreign Touch aka "Louis"

(17x17) Signed and Numbered (#30 of 300)
by Artist Joe Dalton.
Joe was inspired to sketch a Berner Head,
after falling in love with "Louis" ringside.

Donated by Anonymous

Framed by Jill Shaeffer

{short description of image}

Item #G

Hand carved and hand painted 13" Santa with two Berners

(The second Berner Puppy is peeking out of the bottom of
Santa's robe on the right of the photo)

Donated by Kayle Luthey

Item #H

Red Wilczek Woodworks Siwash Harness -

Donated by Bill and Barbie Wilczek

{short description of image}

Item #I

"The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Dog of Destiny"
Written and Photographed

by Prof. Dr. Bernd Guenter

Donated by Brenda Broome

Item #J

Animal Quilt

The quilt is approx 36" side by 60" long,

each cross-stitch quilt is approx 9 1/2" by 11"

It took approximately 3 -4 weeks per picture to cross stitch
and 10 hrs to assemble and quilt.

Made and Donated by Adeline Maxim

Click on the thumbnails below to see the enlarged pictures




Item #K

Berner Paw Print Pendant

Introducing Series II of the Paw pendants

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berner's. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. This one is Series II # 5. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed.

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

(Brenda also sells these necklaces and 100% of the money goes back to BEHAF or some other Berner cause. The money is either donated or used to have more of these made to donate)

Item L

Silver and Gold pendant necklace

Donated by Anonymous

Item #M

The Montego wine carrier comes complete with all the amenities you’ll need for a premium wine service for two. This wine tote is designed of high quality leatherette and woven straw making it both durable and stylish. Its padded handle makes it easy to carry. The top of the line Montego wine carrier is perfect for picnics, outdoor concerts or lazy afternoons spent by the pool.

This wine tote, from Picnic Time’s Cabana Collection comes complete with two wine glasses, a stainless steel waiter style corkscrew, a bottle stopper, a wine pourer, a drip ring and a wine thermometer.

Also included but not pictured will be a set of 6 Bernese Mountain Dog Silhouette Wine Charms and a McCartney Tee Towel with a Berner drinking from a wine glass and the saying "Beware ... my dog can't hold its licker".

Donated by Terri Babcock

Item #N

A gorgeous, custom made quilt

You have to see this amazing quilt!! It's big enough to snuggle with your Berner on the couch and the pictures are printed directly onto the fabric, instead of being an iron-on transfer.

She will customize the quilt with the winner's own photos and color scheme.

Made and Donated by Ashley Champ

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