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Alpenhorn Discount Ad


See your Berner in the OCTOBER 2010 The Alpenhorn

(Deadline: August 1st 2010)

The Alpenhorn (national BMDCA Magazine) is giving a discount price of $35 for a quarter page black and white ad for your Berner. Joye Neff is going to do one of Breeze and here is the ad that she has already turned in for the October magazine.

To download and print the form that you need to use to buy an ad for your Berner also

<click here>

We are hoping to get a lot of these ads for this edition of the magazine. If you want an ad, please send the form, photo, and check to Nancy Melone (see ad form for her address)

You can also e-mail her the photo for the ad to:

Nancy and Tim McGuire Melone

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