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Bernese Mountain Dog, Remy

Hilton Head Island, SC
Missing since October 16th

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Gary brought home a rescue Bernese Mountain Dog early last week. We already had another Berner and wanted to add a second dog who needed a home. This dog’s history was not pretty – he was abused by the original owner for a year and then taken to a vet to be euthanized. The vet refused and kept the dog in a crate for two years until she found out about the Berner rescue league in Atlanta, which is how we got the dog

The dog (REMY) had been with us four days when we took him to our vet on Old Wild Horse Drive near Spanish Wells Rd and Hwy 278 at the north end of the island. He panicked as we entered the office, broke his collar and ran out the door. That was last Friday.

Sunday we had him corralled with 12 people on Wild Horse Drive (the other side of Spanish Wells Rd behind the Shell) but he was terrified, would not come and managed to run through the gauntlet. Thanks to those of you who have offered to help or have actually helped with the hunt. We have distributed hundreds of posters and contacted all the animal associations, police, vets, postal workers, UPS, FedEx, etc but he has not been spotted since Sunday night. There have been some unreliable sightings in the past two days but nothing firm. REMY is afraid of people and extremely shy. He will have to be trapped or darted if he is spotted again.

At this point we need a location on him.

Please distribute this information to anyone you know who may reside on the north end of Hilton Head Island.

Ask them to pass it on to anyone they may know in the area. They may see him as they drive through the area and we would appreciate a call. At this point Beaufort County has agreed to dart him if we can locate him.

Thanks to everyone.


Gary F. McCarney
Cell: 843.415.2512

Sloane Shepard
Chattahoochee Valley
Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue
Marietta, Georgia

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