Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2012

June 4, 2012 - Part 19
Contact: Dorene McCune
1612 Burgess Hill Court
Apex, NC 27539
Phone: 919-244-1034

Sleeping Dogs Pottery had a great booth with wonderful ceramic pieces with Berners on them. Dorene will also do a portrait of your own Berner on a handcrafted piece of art. You select the type of ceramic piece, the background color, and provide the photos for the portrait to be crafted. The result is a professional “one of a kind” rendering of your special Berner. Some of the items available are large dog bowls ($40 for paw print design; $45 for one of Dorene’s stock images; $50 for your custom image,) small dog bowls ($35, $40, $45,) Lidded Treat Jars – Medium (35, $40, $45,) Mugs and Ornaments ($25 for custom image,) Pitchers ($55 for custom image,) Plates – Large ($40, $45, $50) and Small ($35, $40, $5,) deep serving bowl ($45, $50, $55,) Spoon rest ($25 for custom image,) Wine Chiller – Tall ($45, $50, $55.) You can visit the website to see Dorene’s work at:

Sleeping Dogs Pottery has donated a Berner bowl to the 2013 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.



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