Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2011

Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 12
April 25, 2011
Gone Doggin
Mike Osher
14796 Dow Road
Grass Valley, CA 95339
Phone: (530) 477-5925
Fax: (530) 477-2792

Gone Doggin offers unique dog gifts for dog lovers which are breed specific. Their gifts are created from dog breed pictures using exclusive dog art by Gone Doggin. Many of the items are made using the tapestry throws for the material for the item. When I bought my coat from Gone Doggin, I was able to pick the scenes that I wanted on the back and on each side of the front.

Mike had a booth full of wonderful Berner items including throws ($84.96,) table runners ($50,) placemats (set of 4 for $50,) coats ($200 to $225,) vests ($60 to $75,) jackets ($200,) handbags ($55 to $65,) back packs ($75,) day bags ($45,) and totes ($38.) He also carries lovely walnut music boxes and jewelry boxes ($48 to $75,) pretty light switch plates ($12.95 to $16.96,) bell pulls ($39,) luggage tags ($9.95,) and night lights ($24.95.) Gone Doggin carries a complete line of trophy items.

Gone Doggin donated a great make up bag to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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