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Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2011

Every year since 1999 when I return from the Specialty, I do a series called, "Shopping at the Specialty." It was a project that Pat Long started in 1998 and passed on to me the following year.

1 - BMDCNC 4 - Monet's Gallery 7 - Pat's Embroidery 10 - Embellished Lamb 13 - Swiss Traditions
2 - BMDCNV 5 - Alpen Schatz 8 - Hembold's Woodworks 11 - Timberlake Gems 14 - Arizona BMD Rescue
3 - Blankety Blank Designs 6 - Gossamer Designs 9 - BMDCA & 2011 Specialty 12 - Gone Doggin 15 - 2012 Specialty Ways & Means

During the Specialty, I distribute a Shopping Vendor Form to each vendor at the Specialty. I then photograph the items at their booths and get additional information from them about the items they are selling. It is so much fun to visit each booth and see the wonderful Berner things to buy and of course, I do purchase items as I visit! I know that the majority of you don't get the chance to experience the Specialty for various reasons, so this is a way for each of you to see the Berner treasures, and if you feel the urge to buy something, I have either the website link or the e-mail of the vendor so you can enjoy the Berner items that were available at the Specialty.

I will feature one vendor each day for the next 15 days. Enjoy!!

Now, let the shopping begin!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 1
April 14, 2011
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California
6261 Barbara Lane
Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: (530) 878-1462
Fax: (530) 878-1462

The first vendor that I photographed was the BMDC of Northern California - they had their booth set up and ready to go! I loved the array of spectacular Berner T-shirts and other items. Here is a list of the items and prices at their booth.

"Berners Do It All" T-Shirt, available in red, purple, sand, green, steel gray, light blue, maroon, and pink - $18
New Logo Shirt with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, available in red, blue, black, and heather - $18
Fly Swatter Holders, available until sold out - $9
Ribbon Magnets: "Rally Dog," "I Love My Bernese," "I Love Agility," "Therapy Dogs Heal," "Make Mine a Draft," "Berners Rock" - $5 "Ho Ho Ho" and "Snow" handpainted wooden letters with Berners - $25 per set
Berner Corkboards - available until sold out - $28
Handpainted wooden Christmas Ornaments - "Snow," "BRR," "Chill," "Frosty" - $4.50 each
Berner socks, agility socks and anklets - $9 per pair
New club pin and draft pins - $8 each
Bernese picture frames: Small - $5, Medium - $8.50, Large - $17

I saw a lot of the "Berners Do It All" shirts around during the week - what a clever way to do a shirt! And, I just had to buy one of the red Golden Gate Bridge shirts.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California donated two Berner Whirlygigs (one black and one red) to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser

{short description of image}

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I always love to shop at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley booth – they have great shirts, sweatshirts and other Berner things.

Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 2
April 15, 2011
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley
Phone: (603) 303-3360

The BMDCNV had a whole table of discounted items on the first day of the show, so a lot of people were buying nice items to bring home. Of course once they saw the wonderful and creative designs on the clothing, they continued purchasing other items too.

Check out their website at “Paws N Shop” to see the shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing.

Most T-shirts are $18, embroidered shirts are $20. They have a lovely embroidered Swiss jacket for $50. Their unique graphic designs are exclusive with the Nashoba Club by Colleen Hanlon. They also carry infant and kids apparel which is usually hard to find. On their website you will find m usic boxes, gift bags, magnets, kitchen accessories, unique wall hangings, glassware, windvanes, welcome signs, clocks, leash racks, aprons, the fantastic Dingo dog tags, treat jars, plush toys, bandanas, Pendants, earrings, pins, zipper pulls, berner items for your office, Luggage tags, travel blankets, decals and more!

The BMDCNV donated a blue Berner head study T-shirt and a white Sennenhund T-shirt for the Berner-Garde fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

When you approached this vendor’s booth, you felt like you had taken a step back in time.


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 3
April 16, 2011
Blankety Blank Designs, Inc.

Stephanie Blank
3435 Ocean Park Boulevard
#107 PMB288
Santa Monica,
CA 90405
Phone: (310) 828-8802
Fax: (310) 915-0245

When you approached this vendor’s booth, you felt like you had taken a step back in time. Her booth was filled with handmade, one of a kind, vintage style frames, boxes, toyboxes, bag caddies, trays, and other whimsical gifts for the Berner Lover! All of her items are signed by the artist and made in California.

Blankety Blank Designs donated two vintage Berner magnets to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

This booth has the most gorgeous Berner artwork done by Monet's Gallery


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 4

April 17, 2011
Monet's Gallery
Elke Adair and Carol Ganz
Elke: 16555 Red Rock Road, Reno, NV 89508
Carol: 4965 Franktown Road, Washow Valley, NV 89704
Elke Phone: (775) 969-3140
Carol Phone: (775) 885-7980
Elke E-Mail:
Carol E-Mail:

You can tell that Elke and Carol are "Berner Lovers" because the artwork on their items capture the true essence of Berners. You can see the love in the eyes. They have beautiful original oil paintings ranging in price from $25 to $150. Their lovely notecards are $1.25 to $2 each. I love their handpainted cowbells ($45 to $60.) They also carry handpainted ornaments, vases, boxes, cans, and other items. Berner jewelry ranges from $10 to $45, and the Berner figurines are $12.50 to $25. They had a fantastic tri-color large handknitted afghan for $200.

Monet's Gallery donated a very large handpainted cowbell for the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged pictures>

The Alpen Schatz booth is always packed full of fantastic items from Switzerland!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 5

April 18, 2011
Alpen Schatz
Mary Dawn DeBriae
P.O. Box 757/100 W. Colorado Avenue
Telluride, CO 81435
Phone: (970) 728-4433
Fax: (303) 484-3612

The Alpen Schatz sign says, "Schaussi's Alpen Schatz - Handcrafted Alpine Originals. Exquisite creations of the Alps - Original Swiss Dog Collars - European Leashes - Traditional Alpine Cowbells - Festive Dog Harnesses." That is the "Tip of the Iceberg" for this booth. The booth is full of absolutely gorgeous Swiss items that you feel you must have. The Swiss Bells make great decorations for your home, dog cart, or for prizes for competitions and clubs. The Treicheln range in size from 4 inches to 18.5 inches and are priced from $14 to $225. The Glocken ranged from 4.5 to 10 inches and are priced from $20 to $100. On Mary Dawn's website you can purchase Treicheln up to 29 inches for $1995! There are beautiful cow and edelweis collars and leashes, along with other Swiss themed collars/leashes with medium Swiss collars starting at $95. The Swiss cross colors look stunning on the black shiny coat of a Berner and start at $95 for Berners. They carry Swiss dirndles and other Swiss apparel and a wide selection of both men and women's hats from $60 to $95. There are many scarves, scarf ornaments, belts, purses, jewelry, and other items. There was huge selection of stuffed Berners starting at $16 and darling marmots ($34.95). Be sure to go to Mary Dawn's website to check out all of her wonderful Berner items:

Mary Dawn, Alpen Schatz, donated a beautiful red cow and edelweis Swiss Collar to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

Gossamer Designs had a booth that attracted shoppers with the craftsmanship of the metal art.


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 6

April 19, 2011
Gossamer Designs MCS
Marc Saunders
26825 NW West Union Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: (503) 799-1005
Fax: (503) 647-0131

Marc Saunders lives with his family on 14 timbered acres just west of Portland, OR, and has several dogs to take inspiration for functional art pieces. All of Gossamer Designs Art is created from 10 and 12 gauge steel, powdercoated and treated with a final buff of car wax. The pieces he had at his booth were stunning! He had Berner Welcome Signs ($75), Berner Weather Vanes ($250), Berner Large and Small Leash Dogs ($75 and $35), and a Metal Cart with Berner on the back side ($250).

Be sure to check out Marc's website to see the fantastic custom metal gates he makes:

Gossamer Designs donated two small metal leash Berners to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

Pat Helmbold had some great new embroidery designs this year!! What drew me to Pat's booth was the gorgeous embroidered Berner head study on a soft fleece vest!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 7

April 20, 2011
Pat’s Embroidery
Pat Helmbold
P.O. Box 580
Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346
Physical Address: 23945 Crossley Way
Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346
Phone: (209) 586-6126
Fax: (209) 586-6126

Pat specializes in custom and unique embroidery designs with ‘Berners in Mind.’ Her embroidery art can be applied on most types of apparel. Mary Garbe, Sherri Wakefield Mangin and Mary E. Rogers created the artwork for this year’s new designs. The new designs include Berners on the beach at sunset, a Berner and sandcastle, a four wheeling Berner, Tan & Baum in brace carting and a unique Eiger portrait denim shirt. I especially liked the "I'm not Listening" T-shirt and the "Berner Bier - Delivered Fresh from the Brewery" T-shirt. Pat had an entire rack of embroidered denim shirts displayed and carries an embroidered Berner Tote Bag. There was something for everyone at her booth.

Another popular item was a large beach towel with a boy and girl Berner on the beach at sunset, priced at $32. She also carries various T and Scoop Shirts, Denim shirts, fleeces, sweat shirts with prices from $24 to $125. She had a number of her popular designs from previous years, in similar price ranges and a large selection of socks with several Berner designs priced at $9.

Pat specializes in custom work and designs for special needs and occasions. She creates custom designs from owner’s artwork or photos. She also has a wide variety of commercial designs of many breeds. Just contact her to discuss your needs and I'm sure she can help you. Visa and Master Cards are accepted.

Pat donated a light purple sweatshirt with an embroidered Berner and a blue/gray Berner T-shirt for the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

Fred makes such beautiful carts and they drew people to his booth!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 8

April 21, 2011
Helmbold’s Woodworks,
a division of Pat’s Embroidery
Fred Helmbold
P.O. Box 580
Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346
Phone: 1(209) 586-6126
Fax: 1(209) 586-6126 (Call before sending)
(Their website is a work in progress)

Featured in Fred’s booth this year was his clever Collapsible Cart with several new features – Flat Free Tires, and 2-part shafts for ease of transport. It is available in Red Oak, priced at $495 and Poplar priced at $465. The cart can be easily shipped, with packing and shipping extra. A separate Brace Kit is available. The cart was designed to easily fit into smaller cars or vans and leave room for your Berners, too. It is easily assembled without tools, and it is ready to go in just a few minutes after you arrive at your destination! Custom carts can be built as desired.

Fred sells the Ikon parade harnesses, in black for $ 69.00 which is available in many sizes to fit your Berner. A new Swiss Style decorated Parade harness is also available at $139 and a duffle bag for storage is included. This attractive harness is sure to be a hit when your Berner is pulling the cart. Fred also has gorgeous Swiss collars in many colors and styles.

Also shown at the Specialty this year were various memorial boxes, custom made for a departed Berner. They are made in various woods and styles, and they are custom made and finished starting at $175. Custom sized cutting boards of various woods were offered in sizes from 4 to 12 inches wide, in various lengths for breads, cheeses, and carving. The prices range depending on size and thickness. All are finished with food compatible oils.

Be sure to check the pictures I took of Fred and Pat's booths. You can contact them via e-mail and they will be happy to help you. V isa and Master Cards are accepted.

Fred donated several assorted sized cutting boards to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

The BMDCA and the 2011 Specialty shared a booth this year.


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 9

April 22, 2011

BMDCA & 2011 Specialty
Nancy Stewart
Phone: (480) 443-8824

The BMDCA and 2011 Specialty booth was always crowded with shoppers, especially on Saturday when they had a 50% off sale and practically sold out of everything! Even though you might not be able to get all of their Berner items, I wanted you to see the great things they had at their booth.

The Specialty logo "Surfs Up" was displayed on bright colored shirts, sweatshirts and other items and they were in evidence everywhere you went. The Specialty Flip Flops were a huge seller and there were only about 4 pair left when I was last at their booth. Also popular were the Peace, Love and Berner shirts and the Berner/flowers soft colored shirts.

The BMDCA had a large selection of colors of Berner University shirts, BMDCA zipper/hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts. The bright colored Berner purses and bags were lovely, too.

By the way, if you see some items that you really love for next year's Specialty, you better buy them early so you don't miss out getting them!!

<click for the enlarged images>

Christine, Embellished Lamb, offers custom items in a huge variety of colors - you can match your Berner's furnishings with your outfit!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 10
April 23, 2011
Embellished Lamb
Christine Lamb
8762 Alaba Avenue
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Phone: (760) 401-2255
Fax: (760) 418-5963

Christine offers completely adjustable draft harnesses in sizes small through extra large ($125 to $180) - no more outgrowing your harness and you can select the colors you want for each Berner! She has dog theme and beadwork jewelry from $8.99 to $120.99, and bone and Bernese Mountain Dog earrings ($10.99 to $15.99)

I just love the gorgeous fabric she uses for the "Bitch Britches" - they come in sizes 24 to 28 inch waist ($32.95 or 3 pair for $89.95.) Christine also has tuff and durable draft carts for fun and competition ($389 to $499) and they break down for travel.

Of course the Berners visiting her booth were only interested in her simple, natural ingredient pet treats ($5 for 1/2 pound; $9 for 1 pound.)

Be sure to check out the Embellished Lamb's website: Just ask for custom items - she can make special things for you and your Berner.

Christine donated 3 pair of Bitch Britches for the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

I just love the handcrafted Berner jewelry at Timberlake Gems!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 11

April 24, 2011
Timberlake Gems
Teena Eggeraat and Kelly Simpson
774 Mays Blvd. #10 PMB239
Incline Village, NV 89451
Phone: (775) 831-6567 or (775) 771-0276 (cell)

Timberlake Gems can have your own Bernese Mountain Dog handcrafted in fine jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls and even bookmarks. Most of their jewelry is made with Swarovski crystals and pearls, which are considered the best in the world. The majority of Teena and Kelly's pins, pendants and charms are handmade by artists who know our breed. This year Timberlake Gems added a life-like set of Berner salt and pepper shakers to it's collection of jewelry. At first I thought they were figurines, then I noticed the holes in the top and realized they were salt and pepper shakers. Timberlake's crystal Berner zipper pulls are still the fashion statement of the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty.

Teena and Kelly donated a set of their wonderful Berner salt and pepper shakers to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

I just love the coat that I got from Gone Doggin - every time I wear it I get a lot of compliments from people.


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 12
April 25, 2011
Gone Doggin
Mike Osher
14796 Dow Road
Grass Valley, CA 95339
Phone: (530) 477-5925
Fax: (530) 477-2792

Gone Doggin offers unique dog gifts for dog lovers which are breed specific. Their gifts are created from dog breed pictures using exclusive dog art by Gone Doggin. Many of the items are made using the tapestry throws for the material for the item. When I bought my coat from Gone Doggin, I was able to pick the scenes that I wanted on the back and on each side of the front.

Mike had a booth full of wonderful Berner items including throws ($84.96,) table runners ($50,) placemats (set of 4 for $50,) coats ($200 to $225,) vests ($60 to $75,) jackets ($200,) handbags ($55 to $65,) back packs ($75,) day bags ($45,) and totes ($38.) He also carries lovely walnut music boxes and jewelry boxes ($48 to $75,) pretty light switch plates ($12.95 to $16.96,) bell pulls ($39,) luggage tags ($9.95,) and night lights ($24.95.) Gone Doggin carries a complete line of trophy items.

Gone Doggin donated a great make up bag to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

What a booth full of wonderful Berner treasures!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 13
April 26, 2011
Swiss Traditions
Regula Munz

P. O. Box 252
Lovettsville, VA 20180
Phone: (540) 822-9305
Fax: (540) 822-9306

Regula had so many wonderful Berner items at her booth. She carries the original Swiss dog collars ($59 to $100) and leashes ($60 to $68,) and Swiss belts to match. She has a wide selection of beautiful bells ($15.85 to $406) and a whole box full of stuffed Berners in various sizes. Her Swiss scarfs and bandanas were very nice, as were the fabric travel bags. I just love the red leather bags and wallets with the white Swiss cross on them ($32 to $85.) She has a nice selection of pins, broaches, scarf rings, key rings, and house slippers ($15.50.) Between customers, she was knitting socks and scarves which she had for sale at the booth. Regula also carries Arbonne skin care products.

Swiss Traditions donated a travel backpack and a Berner key ring to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

Great cookies for Great Berners!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 14

April 27, 2011
Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Reacue (ABMDR)
Sarah Lisinski
14044 E. Mark Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Phone: (480) 415-5008

These really nice red tins with handles are "Berner Biscuits in Tin" and contain Berner shaped dog cookies with peanut butter flavoring ($20.)

The Berner Bones in Tin are a white tin and contain bone shaped dog cookies with peanut butter flavoring ($12.)

Arizona BMD Rescus is a 501(c)3 corporation so donations are tax deductible after the price of the purchase is deducted from the total amount paid to ABMDR for the purchase (check with your accountant for tax information and advice.)

ABMDR donated a tin of cookies for the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

This is the last in the series of vendors for the "2011 Shopping at the Specialty." I hope you have all enjoyed a glimpse of the exciting Berner items that were available in Del-Mar, CA and also available to those of you who were not able to attend the event!!

There is always a lot of excitement when the new logo for next year's specialty is unveiled!!


Shopping at the 2011 Specialty Del-Mar, CA - Part 15

April 28, 2011
2012 Specialty Ways and Means
Dawn Cox
Phone: (717) 637-1679

The last time the specialty was held in Gettysburg, PA, the theme was based on the Civil War period. This time, the logo is based on the apple trees that are everywhere! You'll love their logo!! They had T-shirts ($16 to $18,) Tote Bags ($16,) Caps ($19,) Aprons ($25,) and Fleece vests ($32.)

The 2012 Ways and Means donated a lovely light blue vest with the specialty logo on it to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click for the enlarged images>

Remember when you shop with the vendors to tell them that you saw their article on Joye Neff's Shopping at the 2011 Specialty series.


Joye Neff
Berner Shopper
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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