Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2010

Shopping at the 2010 Specialty in Oconomowoc, WI
May 21, 2010 - Part 3

Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club - HBMDC
Shari Cannon-Mackey, Ways and Means Chair
2261 N. 1137 Road
Endora, KS 66025
Phone: 785-331-8028
E-Mail: sharicannonmackey@yahoo.com
Web Site: hbmdc.org

The Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club Ways and Means Committee raises funds to allow the club to hold events for the benefit of their club members and the community. Funds are also used to support Rescue and Education efforts. They always have creative items. This year they had "Bernercrombie & Hitch" Apparel, Heartland Logo embroidered apparel, single Berner head study embroidered apparel, "I'm No Saint" apparel, Berner Candles and headbands. The club also had a section of crafts made by their members, which was very nice! The treats, both doggy and human, looked really great. As a bonus, HBMDC shirts can be personalized with kennel names.

The Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club donated a denin jacket with their heart shaped Berner logo on the front.

HBMDC had some helpers

HBMDC had a table with crafts made by members

There were headbands and a lovely bracelet that made it's way home to Chicago with Lynn

Tri-color handmade candles with bone shaped decorations

Tasty liver treats for dogs and tasty human treats, too!

Let's all say YUM! Pictures have no calories...

HBMDC's two most popular items the new "Bernercrombie & Hitch" shirt
and the lovely logo with three Berner head studies

HBMDC shirts can be personalized with kennel names.

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