Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2010

Shopping at the 2010 Specialty in Oconomowoc, WI
June 24, 2010 - Part 27

Whitman Sharpening
Ralph, Gene, Lane
510 Simons Street
Coleman, MI 48618
Phone: 1-888-881-1725
E-Mail: sales@whitmansharpening.com
Web Site: www.whitmansharpening.com

Whitman's provides on-site sharpening of scissors in their specially equipped trailer/trade booth and has a selection of wonderful brushes, combs and scissors. If you have the right equipment, it makes a big difference in keeping your dog groomed nicely! You can get your scissors sharpened on site or send them in by mail for sharpening. Tools work so much better when they are sharpened than when they are dull. Check out their website at: sales@whitmansharpening.com - for prices for sharpening and for grooming tools. They also carry clippers, shampoo, UltraLift Tables, dryers and more.

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