Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2010

Shopping at the 2010 Specialty in Oconomowoc, WI
May 30, 2010 - Part 12

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA)
Dottie Schulte
Phone: 970-392-1806
E-Mail: dotties911@aol.com
Web Site: www.bmdca.org

I love the array of colors on the clothes they had at the BMDCA booth! They have BMDCA logo items in T-shirts, Bags, baseball caps, and dress shirts. They have a great shirt that says, "Life is more fun when there is more than one!' The rhinestone Berner head outline shirts are stunning. They also have rhinestone pawprint T-shirts. The marsh glass Berner head necklace and earrings were lovely. This is also the place to buy publications: yearbooks, illustrated standards, handbooks, draft regulations and more.

The BMDCA donated a marsh glass Berner head necklace and earrings to the 2010 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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