Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2010

Shopping at the 2010 Specialty in Oconomowoc, WI
May 29, 2010 - Part 11

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies
Vendor: BMDCR Ways and Means
PO Box 36
Kiowa CO 80117
Phone: 303-621-2217
Fax: 303-648-4841
E-Mail: shopkeeper@bmdcr.org
Web Site: www.bmdcr.org

I just love the Berne Identity - The A to Z of Bernerhood! It is so clever that I'm sure you will want to order something that has it on it. They have a rainbow of colors of bags with the Berne Identity or you can get a hoodie sweatshirt with the Berner Identity on the back and the BMDCR logo on the front. What fun!

You just have to visit the new online store “Shop the Rockies” on the BMD Club of the Rockies website, bmdcr.org. They have items and apparel in the themes of The Berne Identity, Euro BMD, Pirates of the Caribberner, Oktobernfest, Bernermania and the BMDCR club logo. Also, available via their online store are vWD DNA test kits and gift certificates.

New items are added each year that correspond to their annual independent specialty theme. Most feature designs by popular Berner artists. Come shop the Rockies!

BERNE Identity bags in a rainbow of colors

The hoodie sweatshirt features the BMDCR logo on the front and the BERNE identity on the back

Detail of the BERNE Identity - the A to Z of Bernerhood

BMDCR magnets featuring a silouhette of a BMD and Bernermania

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