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I am collecting Specialty Mugs, so we can have a full set for the Health Auction on Thursday night at the Specialty this year, plus a few sets for future fundraisers. I have all of the mugs that I have received to date lined up by year and have listed the Specialties below with the number of mugs I have received. There were some years when no mugs were given, so of course we won't have any for those years. In some years 2 different mugs were given out, one at each dinner. As of right now, I have one mug from 1982, plus each year from 1990 through 2009, so I will have a set of mugs for the Health Auction in Oconomowoc. I would really like to have a few more sets to use in future fundraisers and health auctions. So, if you can help us get to 4 mugs for each year, please send me your mugs. Check out the list below to see which years I am missing mugs.

I have received many mugs that have arrived with the handles broken into multiple pieces, so they cannot be used. It is VERY IMPORTANT when you mail your mugs that use use several layers of BUBBLE WRAP. Wrapping them in newspaper, wrapping paper, or thin bubble wrap, will most likely result in your mug arriving in several pieces. Once your mug is wrapped carefully in lots of bubble wrap, pack the mug/mugs in a big box, and surround the mugs with a lot of those foam peanuts! They should arrive safely if you wrap them this way. THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me mugs.

Here is the list of people who have contributed mugs to our sets: Dottie Schulte, Carolyn Moore, Michael O'Hara, Fara Bushnell, Anne Copeland, Anya Wittenborg, Joanne Prellberg, Elizabeth Pearson, Roxanne Bortnick, Mary Garbe, Alise Burbridge, Linda Seaver, Karen Baru, Val Horney and Joye Neff. If I have left out your name, please send me a note so I can include your name in my donor list.

Here is the list of mugs that I have to date:


SPECIALTY Mug #1 Mug #2
1976 - Harrisburg, PA
1977 - Fresno, CA
1978 - Pontiac, MI
1979 - Macungie, PA
1980 - Santa Rosa, CA
1981 - Oak Creek, WI
1982 - Owego, NY 1
1983 - Seattle, WA
1984 - Romulus, MI
1985 - Parsippany, NJ
1986 - San Francisco, CA
1987 - Waukesha, WI
1988 - Stowe, VT - no mugs given
1989 - Phoenix, AZ
1990 - Oconomowoc, WI 1
1991 - Coraopolis, PA 1
1992 - Colorado Springs, CO 2
1993 - Kansas City, KS 4
1994 - Carlisle, PA 3
1995 - Atlanta, GA 2
1996 - San Francisco, CA 2 Reverse - 2
1997 - Estes Park, CO 3
1998 - Warwick, RI 2
1999 - Tucson, AZ 2
2000 - Delavan, WI 4 Plastic - 1
2001 - Spokane, WA 1 Glass - 1
2002 - Oglebay, WV 2
2003 - Long Beach, CA 4 Relief - 1
2004 - Mesquite, TX 4 Blue - 3
2005 - Gettysburg, PA 5 Tin - 2
2006 - Frankenmuth, MI 3 Plastic - 1
2007 - Louisville, KY 4
2008 - Warwick, RI 3
2009 - Portland, OR 1
2010 - Oconomowoc, WI
(coming in May!) --

I have a few extra mugs of the ones I have on the above list, and I will use those mugs in future fundraisers. If I get more than 2 mugs for any year, I will use those extra mugs in future fundraisers also. I'm hoping that I can assemble one set of all Specialty mugs in time for the Health Auction on Thursday night at this year's Specialty, but if I don't get them all, I will continue collecting mugs until I can assemble a full set. The second set I assemble will be used at a future Health Auction, too.

REMEMBER: Use a LOT of bubble wrap and "peanuts" when you send your mugs to me.

Here is my mailing address (note my new zip code)

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
PA 15243-1881

Thank you for your help in raising money for Berner Health issues!! --

Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330" (and Will)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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