The 2010 BARC Fundraiser

Challenge #1

An early BARC adopter has made a very generous donation to the BARC Fundraiser and has asked me to make her donation a challenge to other Berner Lovers. Every person who makes an update to the Berner-Garde database on their Berners or enters a new Berner to the Berner-Garde database will receive: 2 Tier One Tickets and 2 Tier Two Tickets for the BARC Fundraiser! It's that simple. Make two updates or enter two Berners and get 4 Tier One Tickets and 4 Tier Two Tickets!

When you have made your new Submissions to Berner-Garde, let me know where you want your tickets to the BARC Fundraiser to be placed!

Mail me: Joye Neff

The Berner-Garde Foundation was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Mountain Dog, by adding your Berner/s' info you are helping in a most important way to help reduce the health problems found in Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I encourage everyone to update their information on the Berner-Garde database, and if you haven't added your Berners into the database yet, then get your documentation together and go to the Berner-Garde home page right now and enter your Berners. I'll give you 2 Tier One Tickets and 2 Tier Two Tickets for entering a Berner, too! Check out your Berners who are already in the database - I'm sure that everyone can find some things to update! There are a lot of missing date and cause of deaths in the database - update those things right away! The database information is used by researchers, breeders, and others and the more accurate we can make the database, the better it will be!!

Here is the home page for Berner-Garde:
  • Click on "Database"
  • Click on "Click Here to Access the Database as a Guest"
  • Click on "Submit Data"
  • Click on "Individual Dog Submission Form" - complete the form if adding a new dog to Berner-Garde. If updating the form, enter the dog's registered name, then enter only the data to be added or changed, including owner and breeder information.

It is the goal of Berner-Garde to show all health data as diagnosed. In order to do this, they need a copy of the vet's or pathologist's reports. They can be scanned and e-mailed, or faxes, or snail-mailed.

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