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~Serial Experiments~
lain's Realm

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Welcome to the other side.

I welcome you here, even though you probably aren't aware that you are on it.

Have you ever had that feeling, a sense that you exist on a higher plane, a lower level, or everywhere at the same time? It may be more than just mere feeling; after all, who is to say that every experience we have, all of the five senses that we perceive, every thought that races through our minds actually exists?

Perhaps we are all a completely different being altogether and our experiences are falsely projected. Perhaps we are doing one thing, yet we experience another and automatically think we are doing what we experience. Perhaps we are fooling ourselves into thinking that our everyday lives are what we perceive and remember, a figurative blindfold over our potential and collective unconscious.

Are you ready to perceive truth? Or is the truth that you perceive a lie? Maybe such borders between two completely opposite things are not so easy to draw.

Are you ready to meet a god? Be a god? Maybe so, but how do you define it? Does being a god mean creating a new world? Ruling over and deciding for a world? Does a god come into being by just suggesting an alternate world exists? Should you love a god just because there is one?

Too many questions. Not enough answers. All related to one.

lain: serial experiments

~Close the world...txEn eht nepO~

see you in the wired....

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