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My first Otakon I ever attended was 1999. It really amazed me that a lot of people cosplayed as my favorite characters. This inspired me to want to be a cosplayer. So when I returned home I began researching characters to create. For my first costume it took me over two years to make in my busy schedule. I went through a lot of dead ends in the process. I found that I enjoyed making the props for the costumes even better. For my Sylphiel costume I created the wand she carries. It was first real Cosplay prop.

For 2001 I decided not to make my costume, due to my time schedule. So I found a great seamstress on line to help me. I did however make the sword for the Final Armor Umi costume I wore this year. I got a lot of good response for it that I was hoping for. It became my "baby" of all the props I'll ever make.

For Otakon 2002 I got to finally cosplay as Belldandy. This was a dream come true! I was so excited! The X sword did make an appearence at Otakon because I finished it as I said I would. As far as I know we had the only sword there and people we mezmerized by it.

For 2003 I'm planning on being Feena from Grandia, Dagger from FFIX. Props will be plenty this next two years as I will be planning a whip, a mythril rod, and a sword w/ scabbard. So, it's busy time now. I can't wait!

Characters I have cosplayed as

Slyphiel from The Slayers- 2000
Duo for Halloween- 2000
Final Armor Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth - 2001
Belldandy at Otakon- Oh My Goddess- 2002
Feena from Grandia- 2003
Dagger/Garnet from FFIX- 2003

Characters I plan on cosplaying as

Dizzy from Guilty gear X-2004
Yami Yugi: Duelist Kingdom- 2004
Tohru Honda-FB-Winter

Other costumes in the works

Sodina from "Thousand Arms"
Karou from Rurouni Kenshin
Shampoo from Ranma 1/2
Sierra from Legend of Mana

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