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June 7, 2002

It's Fun-o-tainment Madness here in June! Anyway, not much has happened for Ktulu recently. It's been a little slow going. The biggest news for our hero is that his newlywed wife, the kindly Heather Caulfield, has apparently taken a leave of absence from her usual role as Ktulu's manager and valet. The reason for this has yet to be released.

Plus, it's what you've all waited for! The newest update of Fun Shit and Stuff is a shoot interview with Ktulu! Conducted by Brian Simms, it's a rather interesting and uncensored look into Ktulu's career. Ktulu pulls no punches and shows no mercy as he shoots on everything from his debut to his personal life.

April 20, 2002

ANOTHER update in thePictures section. It's experimental fun as I have my first picture using rendered lighting, as well as one with TWO people in it! Do enjoy.

April 8, 2001

The Pictures section also has an update! Yes, I have dabbled in the ways of Poser. It would figure that AFTER I made this picture that I found a whole lot of extra functions, so the new Ktulu picture looks really corny. Oh well, ces't la vie.

Read the wedding of Ktulu and Heather Caulfield! A fun little number I did with the help of many other e-wrestling handlers. It's somewhat entertaining and includes stuff like:
*Four Germans punishing a little smart ass who pronounced "Du Hast" wrong"
*The French bread duel between Ryp Fandango and Captain Strong
*A special duet featuring Britney Spears and Ozzy Osbourne
*Plus a special visit from Ktulu's hero, MR. CLIFF YABLONSKI!

All this, the Bee Gees, ferret madness, and lots more! But to keep things somewhat formal, read the wedding first. ENJOY!

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