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Cosplay Pics

Hello all! Welcome to my cosplay gallery! All these pics were just taken at Otakon 2002. I don't know some of the characters cosplayed as here, so if you know please sign my g-book or email me! PS: Thanks a lot to Nick and Loki555 for helping me with some of these.

Otakon 2002

Tetsuo from the anime Akira Barrett from the game FF7 Belldandy from the anime Oh My Goddess and Kamui from the anime X Who is this? Cham Cham from the game Samurai Showdown and Sae from the anime Magic Users Club Kid from the game Chrono Cross and ? Clef from the anime Magic Knight Rayearth Dejiko and Rabi-en-rose from the anime Digi Charat Lulu, Una, and Rikku from the game FF10 Rikku and Auron from the game FF10 Lots of characters from the FF game series Is he a character? Chichiri, Suzaku, Miaka, and Tamahome from the anime Fushigi Yugi (I'm the Chichiri!) Shampoo from the anime Ranma1/2 and Chichiri from the anime Fushigi Yugi, the others are unknown Grr from the show Invader Zim Chibi Duo, Trowa, Wufei, and Duo from the anime Gundam Wing Main character from NiGHTS Link and Zelda from the game series Legend of Zelda Merle from the anime Escaflowne Sailor Moon from the anime Sailor Moon Mousse from the anime Ranma1/2 Maia Persona from the game Persona 2 An Elderly Rikku from the game FF10 Robotnic from the game series Sonic the Hedgehog Ryoga from the anime Ranma1/2 Seifer from the game FF8 Siren from the game FF8 Spike from the anime Cowboy Bebop Takeo from the anime Magic Users Club Azaka and Kamidake from the anime Tenchi Muyo Titus from FF10 and Enishi from Rurouni Kenshin Sophitia from Soul Calibur 1 Vash from the anime Trigun Wario from the game series Mario Bros. Xelloss from the anime Slayers

This little section is my own photoshoot. Big thanks to Steph for taking the beautiful pics, check out her site! I am cosplayed as Dark Link from Ocarina of Time. Any comments? Sign my guestbook!

Dark Link, coming out of the elevator? Facing off against himself(her?) in Ocarina of Time! In front of a church. Ascending the stairs of the church. Close up on the face and hand. Close up of an angry glare. Before the snowy church. Dark Link's infamous tree of doom! Standing before stained glass. Another face close up. Close up of face and sword Face and sword. Close up of face.