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Welcome to Kiyomi's Award section, all the different types of awards I give away are here, click on the name of the award to see a sample. The base requirements for all the awards are:
1) The site has to be an anime or game fansite/shrine, nothing else!
2) No hardcore hentai PLEASE
3) Your site must have at least 3 pages
4) Your site must be in english, nothing else ^^;;
5) Please sign my guestbook and take my polls, this is optional ^_^
6) Just to let you know, if your site is down when I go to check it out I'll ignore your award request so you might want to send a request again in a month or so if you don't get a response.
Thats it! Just follow these and the rules on the specific award and you have very good chances! All you have to do is pick the award(s) you want and fill out this form. Good luck!

The Potential Award:
Your site just has to be developing and you can win this award.

The Cuteness Award:
A site that makes you go "awwww"

Kiyomi's Seal of Approval:
A site I like, It might have my favorite characters or it may just look cool.

The Humor Award:
A site that I believe is funny or focuses on humor.

Character Shrine Award:
A site that is dedicated COMPLETELY to a single series, character, or a character theme.(ex: Fire based chars.)

Sweet Melody Award:
A site with alot of music or very high quality music such as; mids, wavs, mp3s, etc.

The Content Award:
For a site with a wide range of anime, games, music, wallpapers, etc.

The Romance Award:
A site dedicated to an anime couple, it doesn't matter which (only mild yaoi/yuri please).

Heart and Soul Award:
A site where it's obvious the webmaster put alot of work into it.

The Gallery Award:
For a site with cool galleries or pictures, thumbnails, no slow loading big pics.

The Design Award:
For a cool layout, or design, fast loading, not cluttered, a well thought-out design.

The Info Award:
A site that has tons of Informaton on characters or a series, etc. You have a better chance if you have stuff that everyone doesn't.

The Beauty Award:
For a really beautiful site, elegant, graceful, good layout, etc.

Crystalline Excellence Award:
For this award your site must be near perfection. Excellent layout, no broken links or repeated pics, creativity, easy navigation(don't need to click the back button) plus I must like it!! (Link to me if you want this award!) .If anyone is skilled enough to win this award, I'll draw it myself.

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