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Kiyomi's Anime Lair [7000 Hits!]
2 - 22 - 05
Not much updating around here, sadly but you can find me at my new website The Body Shop where I can be commissioned for costumes and fan art.

5 - 28 - 04
Updates all around! Brand spankin' new photos in my cosplay gallery of Dark Link, check it out. Also layout update in the Hinatasou, now easier to read colors! Heh heh, sorry bout that! Enjoy everyone.
3 - 12 - 04
It's been a long time all! I've gone to a few cons in the meantime including Ohayocon 2004 and Tekkoshocon 2004. Pictures will be up soon but I updated my profile for you. Enjoy!
8 - 10 - 03
Otakon 2003 is officially over, I'll have pics of new cosplayers up soon, so keep an eye out! Also new galleries are up! My long hiatus is well rewarded to those who keep checking back here. The new galleries include Shamanic Princess and Digi Charat. Enjoy!
12 - 31 - 02
New award winners go check them out!

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