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dragonball z budoki is out now. easton got it for xmas. it is sooo fun to play!!! kick ass.

Aint this COOL!

Okay, I have to admit ~feels ashamed~ that I haven't been watching DBZ as much as I would like to. For one, the people at my living headquarters don't allow me to watch it. They think it's the devil's advocate, which I think is stupid. And secondly, they totally need to find a better time to have the show on. I haven't seen that many of the Buu Saga episodes and I feel utterly and completely deprived. Ah, the horror!

The Best Dragonball and Dragonball Z Websites Out There

The Official Dragonball Z website. It has the backrounds and info on all the characters in Dragonball and Dragonball Z. So if you don't know much, then go here for the most info.
Almost the same as the above, but is more directed toward Dragonball.
Basically a headquarters for Dragonball Z. It has more news and info on upcoming events than the official Dragonball Z site. (see above)