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Welcome to Kayu's Temple! Home of the cuties of Kayu!
HI! Kayu's Temple is now closed! But... click here to go to my new multimedia site. You can still view Kayu's Temple by clicking here, but it won't be updated anymore.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with Kayu's Temple. I'm sorry if you were a fan to KT but I don't really have time for a cutie site. A multimedia site is so much easier, or at least I think that.

And to Josh and Mike: You can't bother me with the "WOOFY!!!" thing anymore because it doesn't exsist! AND... if you EVER say woofy again I'll seriously kick your balls so hard they'll be inverted! (Sorry to all the innocent people who had to hear that.) Same goes for you too Tony! You all know I will too, so don't even try to do it to get me pissed, got it!? AND don't wisper it during class because I'll remember to kick you AFTER class is over! AND don't do it in the hallway in front of a teacher because I'll still kick you after they leave! You will never be safe! *cough* Well, I'm done warning you, so let's see if your thick heads actually get the message.

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