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Oh K ^-^
Basically, this is where I rant, rave or just babble about the many things that perplex, confuse and amuse me about K-san and the Gravitation short, a whole lotta nonesense. May also just have a few FAQ type things.

The Whole Gun Situtation
Why does K never get arrested for carring and often using such a colorful array of firearms? Are gun laws that slack in Japan? I don't know but when watching the Gravitation anime that was one of this first things that popped into my feeble little mind...does anyone else find it odd K can sniper off a rooftop and point a magnum at people?? Just curious....
Webie's theory:: K is above the law in all his broken-English/Japanese glory. ^_^
Squee's theory:: Squee is one of my bestest buddies (actually she just beats me up allot and that's the basis of our friendship ^_^) and she has a theory about K-san and his gun stuff. "K pays off the mafia with cokies, fourtune cookies to be exact, and so he cannot be arrested." ... o_O Alright, Squee is never allowed to contribute to this page again...except for perhaps for stupidity or comical reasons...tee-hee...

"Big News?" Why Does K Always Say Random English Phrases and Words?
This one's easy, even for me! *Hurray!* K is american and therfore his 1st language is english and I suppose he eiter slips or just likes his own unique blend of English and Japanese. ^_^

Submit You're Mind Goo!
If anyone else has strange thingies (pictures, theories, etc.) or unaswered questions or just plain nonsense (like me!) feel free to send them! E-mail some goo!


Oh K ^-^