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Oh K ^-^

Now, here's where I do my explaining...actually more like incoherent rambling o_O Anywhooo, why did I make an entire shrine to a less-than-main character in Gravitation? Because I like K ^-^ That's right, no deep reason, nothing but the fact I think K is a cool character who deserves his own little crawlspace on the internet.

For people who like to jump to conclusions (my parents for example o_O) this is not a site to glorify the usage of guns, but to further glorify the glory that is K!

In all truth, this site started out as a general Gravitation anime site, but that fell through since in more truth, I'm lazy. Far too lazy to write up numerous character profiles and definately too lazy to write up episode summaries. I am happy to say though that I've now seen the entire Gravitation TV series and both OVAS (but I am very confused about OVA screencaps I've seen but saw nothing of in the OVAs O_o). So this shrine just seemed like an overall better idea since there are other, better and more informative Gravitation sites. Plus, all the sites I've made for other anime/manga series have been centric on one (two on one page *claps*) character that I like the most.

So, there's the method to my...uh, madness I guess...well, now that you know the truth, go ahead and look around.