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Stuff! So little stuff! *Sakano-san waterfall eyes*

Chrilee Art 01:: A kawaii piccie of K-sama!

Sora Art 01:: Sexy K pic numero un by the wonderful sora!
Sora Art 02:: Numero...Du? Ah, either way it's sexy K! *droool*

Webie Art 01:: a little K art drawn during my psychology class *thumbs nose at teacher*An Embarrased Note from the Webie: Um....Try and ignore the fact that the cute, genki K seems to have an erection o_O I only noticed my horrible drawing now but try your best to over look the fact that K's feeling a bit randy...I'm not helping am I?

Please be kind and help this section of the site look a little less pitiful and donate your Gravitation (It doesn't have to be ALL K) fan art and fiction, yaoi or non yaoi, angsty or fluffly, K in a penguin suit or not...hhhmmm...ideas....*K holds gun to Webie's head* *Nervous laugh* Uh, Heh heh, just joking...*Runs off frantically with pencils and pens*

...*a few minutes pass*...

*Webie sneaks back* Um, right, my e-mail address...Well, since Fanarts tend to be quite big (as do fics), please send all works to my hotmail (grrr) account You will be credited, linked, loved and taken advantage of by the Webie...wait, scratch that last bit...mayonase.


Oh K ^-^