Super Paopei

User: Geishitenson, Tsuotenkyushu, Taijyuroukun, Sinkorjyo, Bunchuu, Dakki, Chou Kou Mei, Ryuukitsu, Nentou, Taikoubou, Youzen, Chou Kei, Nataku, Keishou, Hekishou

Physical Features: -

Special Ability: The 7 Super Paopeis were items left by the First People (the Pioneers) for the new generation to use against Jyoka. They are the 7 original paopeis where every other paopei since then were simply copies of these original 7. The abilities of a Super Paopei far exceeds those of normal paopeis, and because their output is huge, the people who use them but also sacrifice a large amount of energy in order to use them. IF anyone other than their rightful owners use a super paopei, they're power will be sucked up in an instant and they would die.

The Seven Super Paopeis are as follows:

  1. Raikoupon
  2. Kin Kou Sen
  3. Taikyokuzu
  4. Kinben
  5. Keiseigensho
  6. Rikukonhan
  7. Bankohan

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