Here are some of my favourite fanfictions! In my mind, they are the best that I've seen that talks about Ou Tenkun and Taikoubou (or Fukki) as well as the other characters. So far, I've only got permission from a few fanfiction author but I'm trying to get more. So wait for the updates! ^_^

IF Chance May Have it

Author: XD
Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, time-line, Side Story
Status: Complete!!!!
Genre: Self reflection with humour, drama and ... basically GREAT!!!
Warnings: None whats so ever. No Yaoi!
Character: Roushi, Sinkorhyo, Ou Eki (original)
Setting: Before manga and anime.

Summary: This is the first installment of a four part "Chance" series. I won't give too much clues away but it mainly deals with the relationship between Sinkorhyo and his master. VERY GOOD! An absolute must-read if you're a HE fan.

Then Let Me See

Author: XD (as you can tell, I'm a fan of XD ^^;;;;)
Chapter: one and only one
Status: Complete
Genre: Self reflection with humour
Warnings: None
Character: Roushi and Ou Eki/Fukki
Setting: should be after manga 23, so spoiler warning

Summary: This is the Second installment of the "Chance" Series by XD. A review of the relationship between Ou Eki/Fukki with Roushi as well as an insight into Ou Eki/Fukki's different facet and personality. Short and beautifully written. Please read! Please read!

What Chance May Have

Author: XD
Chapter: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (explanations)
Status: Incomplete
Genre: Original Series, Humour, Suspense, everything ^_^
Warning: None
Character: All... well most ^^;;;;
Setting:After manga 23, so spoiler warning!

Summary: The third installment of the "Chance" series that XD has been working on. And it is just as good as the one before it. This one has more characters and it has a very intriging plotline. Also damn good, so definately read this! ^_^

For You And Me

Author: XD
Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
Status: Incomplete
Genre: Original Series, sort of AU
Warning: None
Character: All (So far, Taikoubou, Tenshyo, Sinkorhyo, Youzen, Kokutenko)
Setting: A LOOOOONG time after the Houshin series, in our time and era.

Summary: Finaly, the forth and last installment of the "Chance" series that XD is working on It's mainly about Kou Tenshyo and how he interacts with the characters that have adapted to our modern day world. ^_^

Mirror Mirror

Author: Joy Drop
Chapter: One
Status: Complete
Genre: Self reflection, insight
Warning: None
Character: Taikoubou
Setting: During Book 22, so SPOILER WARNING!!!

Summary: Taikoubou's thoughts when merging with Ou Tenkun. An interesting insight from Taikoubou's point of view of the situation. A complementary fanfiction with Snaf's Mirror Image.

Mirror Image

Author: Snaf (Yeah! another author)
Chapter: One
Status: Complete
Genre: Self reflection, insight
Warning: some Swearing.
Characters: Ou Tenkun
Setting: Book 22 so SPOILER WARNING!!!

Summary: Ou Tenkun's thoughts when merging with Taikoubou. An interesting insight from Ou Tenkun's point of view of the situation. A complementary fanfiction with Joy Drop's Mirror Mirror.

Ningen YouKai (Human Youkai)

Author: Mearl Dox (Yeah! another author)
Chapter: One and only one! ^_^
Status: Complete
Genre: Self reflection, narrative
Warning: None
Characters: Chou Tenkun (sand), Ou Tenkun and Dakki
Setting: Anywhere from book 1 to book 13 - Spoiler Warning

Summary: An insight into Ou Tenkun's ambitions and his relation to the Juttenkun from one of the Tenkun's point of view - Chou Tenkun (he guessed right about Youzen's identity also). A Youkai view of the whole situation.

For anyone interested in doing a fanfiction for themselves, you can email me your own fanfiction and I'll put it up here under your name.

Okay, there is only one rule for uploading stuff into my site, and that is "please no yaoi, lemon, Yuri or too much hentai". It's just that I want to keep this site clean so that kids could read them as well. That's it. Any questions, please email me. Oh, if you could also add in the characters of Taikoubou and Ou Tenkun, it'll be very much appreciated because my site is dedicated to them.


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