Flying Lessons

Shuupuushan: Okay, everyone. It's pretty easy to learn how to fly as long as you've got determination and skill. Now, we'll start off by slowly lifting ourselves off the ground. Don't go too fast, just hover for a bit and then we'll start learning how to fly off to distant places. For those of you with wings, start flapping. For those without wings,..... you do..... what ever you have to to get off the ground. Let's start!

Bukichi: You know, Shuupuu. You're a really good teacher! See. Many of your students are already flying expertly, I might add!

Shuupuu: uhhhh.... but Bukichi..... I think most of them already know how to fly. Are you sure you found beginners willing to learn???

Bukichi: Of course, when it comes to finding things, I'm the best!

Kokutenko: Is he kidding?

Singkohyo: I don't think so, Kokutenko.

Kokukirin: I was thinking the exact same thing! I think that this is kinda embarrasing! Don't you agree, Bunchuu-sama.

Bunchuu: Well, we were the ones who agreed to it, we'll have to fulfill our agreement, Kokukirin.

Youzen: I think that this lessen is quite fun, considering my Koutenkun is not exactly a riding beast, but more of a paopei. It should be good for him to be treated as a riding beast once or twice in his lifetime.

Tensyo: Yeah! YEAH!!! THIS IS SOOO FUN!!! I think that Nataku is the bestest and strongest fighter of them all. YAHOO!!!!

Nataku: Hn.....

Raishinshi: Just you wait and see! I'm the strongest one!!! I'll show you all how powerful I am! I'm the one who can control wind and lightning. Just you wait and see! I'll surpass Tenka, Nataku, Youzen, and maybe even Taikoubou one day. When that day comes, I'll be the ultimate HERO of the WORLD!!!!

Suukokuko: Well, my paopei may be a very good flying type but uh..... I can't exactly sit on it, so it is utterly useless when it comes to being some kind of riding beast.

Shinyu: Thanks for the support, Suukokuko. I feel soooo much better...... =_=

Ma Jia Shi Jiang (Mareikou, Mareisei, Mareiju, Mareikai): If you're looking for the biggest flying paopei or riding beast, it would have to our paopei. We hold the world record for the largest flying object. That is, if you exclude the floating ShenKais (Kunrun and Kingoto).
Rikouha: Hey! What are you guys muttering about?! Man! I can't believe I actually agreed with this?! This is such a stupid idea to begin with! And what's with all the girls?! I thought this was just an all males thing...
Dakki: Who me? Well, as you all know, I can fly quite well without any paopei or riding beast, however, I would like to have a riding beast of my own, so that I don't have to waste my energy all the time. I have my sights set on *you know who*. Soon enough, he'll surcum to my spell, and he'll be mine eternally! HA HA HA!!! (*scary laugh) HA ha ha HA!!!
Ryukitsu: Well, I'm a naturally born Sennin, so I was born with the ability to fly. Unlike many of the other Sennins and Youkai Sennins, I didn't have to learn. I know it seems a bit unfair sometimes, not needing to walk and just continuously float on the air all the time, but to tell you the truth, my feet has never touched the ground before, so in a way, I don't know what the ground feels like. I envy most of you people.

Kinkouseibo: You are in no position to ask me how I gained my flying abilities. All the Tenkuns must keep their powers and special abilities hidden at all times, unless a situation occurs that we must reveal ourselves. I am in no liberty to tell you my secrest, unless ordered by Ou Tenkun or some other higher officials.

Bukichi: ........ ???

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Sengyoku: FLY HIGHER, DAMN IT! _HIGHER!!!!!_
Douken Tenson: I CAN'T! You're too heavy!!!! GET OFF!!!!
Doukouson: Why don't I die, god? WHY?????
Bukichi: ........... ???

Ou Tenkun: Taikoubou, fly faster. We're gaining on them.

Taikoubou: flap. flap. flap. flap. ...heh heh heh

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