Eternity (3 new pages!!)

A Fancomic / Doujinshi by Mizuuma, please support Mizuuma by visiting her DeviantArt account! ^_^

Here are some Fan comics that were created by me. Please enjoy.

Comic 1 Title: Get Healthy!

Comic 2 Title: Flying Lessons

This comics page is dedicated to fanart comics of Houshin Engi drawn by (of course) fans. This includes any Doujinshi's created by HE fans, and not the ones that professionally published for money.

This page is also considered to be a Fanfiction page of sorts, because the comics itself can be considered to be Fanfiction. For anyone interested in doing a comic or fanficiton for themselves, you can email me your own fanart comics or fanfiction and I'll put it up here under your name. Okay, there is only one rule for uploading stuff into my site, and that is "please no yaoi or lemon".

That's it. Any questions, please email me. Oh, if you could also add in the characters of Taikoubou and Ou Tenkun, it'll be very much appreciated because my site is dedicated to them.


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