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Child Wood

Child Wood basically depicts the time when Youzen was trapped inside Kingoto Island, waiting for rescue from Taikoubou and his sensei - Gyokuten Shinjin. While waiting however, he was fearful of what his friends (especially Taikoubou) would think when they finally discover the truth about him being a Youkai, instead of a human.

Overall, the artwork was sweet and attractive. But I don't think there was much 'story' or 'plotline', it's just introspective.


Good Morning

Goord Morning is about Kouryuuken's (one of Shisei) morning habits after he wakes up.

It's pure smut and cuteness, no plot whatsoever. I really love the sweet way they depicted Kouryuuken in a semi-chibi state. He looks sooooo cute. ^_^


Kid Paradise

Basically, Taikoubou and Kou Hiko runs a Childcare centre and most of the characters are children. Little stories include: (1) mini-Youzen being sick and waiting for Gyokutei to pick him up; (2) mini-Nataku, mini-Suukokuko and mini-Doukouson trying to avoid the needle from Doctor Taiitsu and nurse Sengyoku; (3) mini-InCho and mini InHon being dropped off by Dakki, slowly becoming friends with Kihatsu and then was left there until Bunchuu turned up to take them home.

Overall, a very sweet alternate universe story. I like it.


Unnamed (I don't know what the name is)

This is about little Sinkorhyo during his training days when Geishitenson came for a visit. Geishitenson brought a present for Sinkorhyo - which just so happen to be a mini-Kokutenko.

Sinkohyo looks so cute here! And mini-Kokutenko is just as cute. ^_^


Unnamed (I don't know what the name is)

This story is about young Tenka and how he reacted when he found out his Aunt Koushi had to move into the palace to become a concubine of the Emperor (or in reality, a hostage of Dakki). Later on, he reflected on his reactions while talking to Taikoubou.

Quite an emotional story, even though I can't understand a word they're saying. I love the delicate drawings in some of the pages, and I also like how they've depicted Tenka in this.


Unnamed (I don't know what the name is)

This story is about Youzen's terrible toddler days and how Gyokutei somehow managed to raise him into the man he is today.

Baby-Youzen is a bit stylised in this Doujinshi - he looks like a mini-devil at first. But as the story progresses and Youzen grows up, the depicted becomes better.

Overall, an interesting read, if a bit weird.


One day

Dakki came up with a special cake recipe for Chuuoh to eat, unfortunately it turned him into a child again. Bunchuu was then left in the aftermath to deal with not only a mischevious mini-Chuuoh, but later on an even more troublesome mini-Hiko. And when he asked for help, he found that ChouKei had also eaten the cake and turned into a child as well.

The funniest HE Doujinshi I've come across in a long time. You don't need to read the words to be able to understand it. It's great!


Sweet Season

Sweet Season is about Chuuoh's younger days and how Bunchuu taught and disciplined him. Chuuoh was a bit of a cry baby and each time he threw a tantrum, you'll see Bunchuu's hair turn into snakes and hiss at him to quiet down. It's quite funny.

I don't really know what to say about this Doujinshi. The story is sweet to a certain extent and funny (espeically the snake hair) but overall, I can't understand it as the dialogue seems to play a major role.

So far, all the Doujinshis I have uploaded here, I got it from another website - For Science! (which is now down). The only reason why I've uploaded it without permission from the people who created the For Science! website, is because I don't know how to contact them, as the entire website is down. So, if you know where I can contact the webmaster for the original Doujinshi website - For Science! Can you please email me so that I can officially ask them for the permission to upload these stuff hear? Thanks.

If any of you have Houshin Engi Doujinshis, and are interested in posting it here, please email me your picutres and I'll put it straight up. Thanks ^_^


Child Wood

Good Morning

Kid Paradise

One Day

Sweet Season

Un-named 1
(little Sinkorhyo)

Un-named 2
(little Tenka)

Un-named 3
(little Youzen)

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