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Kakaeru Nyo!

Cardcaptor Sakura Screenshot Gallery!


WELL! Don't you think it's time for an update? ^^;

Sorry all, I'll put up the MIDI section right away ^^. Hopefully it's still there.

Gomen...but even Cardcaptor Sakura is a wonderful wonderful show, all the dubbed English Cardcaptors version around me makes me feel sick still ><. I will try and make more screenshots, but my computer is getting slower and slower nyo...

Right now I am watching Angelic Layer (by the peoples who made Cardcaptor Sakura!) Ayashi no Ceres, and I recently bought a Dreamcast! (Here comes my speech.) Yes, I know, they discontinued all their games, but only in America! Dreamcast has the best games in Japanese! The best being...yep! Sakura Taisen! [4 is coming out this summer!] It's not related to CCSakura ><) Relating to has one CCSakura game, 2 Love Hina games, Nadesico, some Evangelion games, Di Gi Charat, Gundam, DBZ, and some other animes I don't like, hmm~~well it's the best ^^;. Only $50 in America, get it modded to play Japanese games for about $20 and you're set! You can also play VCDs if you get a VCDdisk. You can also get on the internet, and with Bleemcast, you can play Tekken and such from the playstation games ^^. You can also play NeoGeo, Genesis, and SNES roms on a dreamcast ^^. AND~! It also has twice as much video memory and such than a Playstation 2! (and the games and console cost less!) Well, I hope y'all people get a dreamcast ^^;

Hopefully I will be able to get some Angelic Layer screenshots up here! (I have all the eps, I just haven't watched em all yet ^^;) Heh heh heh... Oh well, I'll fix everything up today! Well! gtg nyo, bye! 11-19-01:
Added 106 screenshots: episode 64 ^_^

**my goal is to have all them episodes up here! yay!**

Oh yea, please don't take them by yourselves. These took me a long long time... Ya know, with my Windows 95, bad bad RAM, bad memory, basically no harddrive space (1 gig left...out of 4...yea), and having to convert EVERY image from .tif to .bmp, and then to .jpg! Ouch. So what I'm asking everyone is to request screenshots at the bottom of the page. Thanks! ^_^.

**If some images do not show, please go back and try again ^^. If you press reload, then you will end up at the front page**

CCS 1st OP: 24 Images

CCS 3rd Season Eyecatches: 5 Images

Episode 40-Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream: 53 Images

Episode 51-Sakura and the Giant Stuffed Bear: 100 Images!

Episode 55-Sakura in Wonderland: 72 Images

Episode 56--Sakura, Kero, and the Strange Appearance: 63 Images

Episode 60-Sakura and her True Friend: 62 Images

Episode 64-Sakura and the Snow-Blowing Ski School: 106 Images

Episode 69-Sakura and the Final Battle with Clow Reed: 52 Images

Episode 70-Sakura's True Love: 74 Images

Cardcaptor Sakura Diaries: 35 Images

Email me, comments, questions, request screenshots, etc etc ^^;;

For requesting screenshots, you can use them for yourself, website, whatever. Please justgive me some credit and such ^^;. Give me the episode #, and perhaps the comment that went with the picture, or any other info. The # of the screenshot is helpful too ^^. All my pics will be sent to you in a .zip file, with the pictures in .bmp and .jpg format. Thanks ^^

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I used to have summaries, downloads, and lotsa info, but Cardcaptors sites started stealing and so I just got rid of everything except for this stuff. Nyo~~.